happy july!

How's it going??  I'm good.  I made a double batch of banana muffins Monday and am trying REALLY hard not to eat one but as I typed this I realized that is stupid and instead I'm going to try REALLY hard to eat only one.  The last few weeks I've been limiting my gluten & dairy intake a few days a week and I can totally tell how much better (less bloated) I feel on those days.  Also, I am SO MUCH fuller when I don't eat a ton of carbs but lots of protien, fruits & veggies instead.  Pretty interesting.  I will never give up gluten or go carb free but I am seeing that intentionally limiting that stuff sometimes makes me feel good.  But Trader Joe's Pretzel Croissants ALSO make me feel really good, so there's that.

(you need to go get those if you never have had them, they are so so so so good.)
Nicky things I don't want to forget:  He says banana as ga-mana.  He is very whine-y right now.  He still loves to cuddle and I love when he comes in our room (not before 6am) and curls up with me and falls back to sleep.  He says thanks as "hanks".  One time when I was about to sing him a bedtime song he stopped me and said, "Ak-shee, (actually) just put me to bed."  :)  heehehehehee.  He can pedal his trike now and calls it his bicycle.

The most EXCITING thing happened last week.  My mom bought a condo in New Glarus!!!!!!  It's right around the corner from my sister and she will be moving here before the end of summer.  CRAZY!!  We are so excited and happy...it kind of seems unreal.  She has wanted to move here since Ruby was born but just wasn't in the position to do so until now.  My brother and his wife helped her out a ton getting her house ready to sell and it is going on the market any day now.  Please keep her in your prayers if you think of it.  We feel so thankful that this all seems to be working out.  xoxoxoox

I spent ALL day last Saturday taking pics for Ebay.  I photographed over 90 pieces of summer clothing that I need to get listed ASAP.  Wish me luck.  :)  I haven't been focusing on work too much this last month but want to a little bit more.  I also need to start on my fall consignment sale stuff because I have a lot of it.  I wish I could spend 30 minutes each day on these things:


Prayer is not least important but, honestly, it's probably what I spend the least amount of time on.  I feel like I talk to God all day long but I don't often sit down and really focus on prayer.  I wish I would.

So the kids and Patrick got out on Saturday but I was home working alllllll day.  I knew on Sunday I had to get out!  After church we went to Picnic Point with our little grill that we realized was unassembled, after we got there.  We walked to the end and ate what we could, cold hot dogs, anyone?, and got back to the van pretty hungry.  We stopped at Trader Joe's (pretzel croissants, enter stage left) and I got a delicious spread to eat while we waited for the water ski show to start.  The water ski show that I've wanted to go to since I heard about it, over 9 years ago.  The water ski show that is free, every Sunday night, all summer.  Yeah, that one.  We ended up on Monona Terrace on a beautiful day with a perfect view and waited.  No water ski show.  Cancelled due to high water.  :)  HAHAHA.  I will go again!  With God as my witness, I WILL SEE THE SHOW THIS SUMMER.

So Patrick and I came up with our own list of ideas for our date nights.  We are kind of sick of going out to eat (I always eat too much) so we want to have some picnic dinners, take our little inflatable boat out, go for walks, etc.  Our date night last week was Friday and it was pouring rain.  :(  Bummer.  So, dinner and the bookstore it was.  :)  We had a very nice time, though, and I didn't over eat.  I kind of WANTED to over eat but my food wasn't that good so I suppose it worked out?  Regardless, I love date nights.  Tonight is our night for this week and it looks like we are going to see The Lone Ranger.  I kind of can't wait, it looks like a fun movie and I am going to smuggle in some tasty snacks.  Date nights seem like a splurge when I'm not working much but you know what?  Totally worth it.

sweet aside:  Last weekend my mom was having a garage sale in Duluth and I thought it would be fun to take Ruby and head up there to surprise her and have a girls weekend.  The babysitter was coming at 1:00 on Friday so I thought we could leave then but it did mean I would miss date night.  I asked Patrick Friday morning and he seemed genuinely bummed.  "Miss date night?" he said.  Awwwww.  Ruby and I can go another time.  It felt so good that he wanted that time with me as much as I (usually) do.  haha.  No, I love that time but I did think it would be fun to see my mom but not at date night's expense.

I haven't done a big grocery shop since May.  :)  Yesterday I took all 3 kids to Woodman's and spent over $200 in an hour.  I'm not even sure what I got but the fridge is full so we're calling it a success.  The kids were really good, too, which surprised me.  Last time I took them all to Target to get groceries it was a nightmare.  I guess there is less to beg for at Woodman's and I did let each of them get something they wanted into the cart.  (James - Spicy Doritos, Ruby - Despicable Me Go Gurts, Nicky - pretzel & cheese snack packs)  I also talked to them sternly about how to be quiet before we went in.  My biggest pet peeve is when they are jabbering at me while I am trying to THINK.  Don't they realize???  Grocery shopping is serious business.  I was THRILLED to find some butterscotch chips made in a peanut free facility (and white chips and milk chips...Guittard!) because I love me some oatmeal scotchies.  After opening the bag and having a few (30=one serving), I might have been regretting their purchase.  They are so good.

My sister is inspiring me to keep my feet nice after our pedicures so I used my PedEgg yesterday.  Man, that thing is like magic.  My feet are so smooth!  I re-did my polish this morning and my feet are looking pretty fly, if I do say so myself.  (okay, fly might be going too far, my feet are strange, but at least they won't cut you if we accidentally touch.)

I should go now.  I started this post yesterday, just edited it to make sense today, and now want to add some pictures.  Then it's time to get the kids up and get them to school for a few hours so I can clean the house before the sitter gets here.


This is how Patrick wrapped Ruby up to support her head after she fell asleep.  This is the kind of thing he lives for.  Dude loves to create comfortable sleeping situations.  seriously.  The stories I could tell.

 Bad picture of an amazing pretzel croissant:
 On top of Monona Terrace, killing time before the water ski show that was not to be:
 My darlings:

 Wow!  Great seat for the water ski show!
 Ruby teaching Nicky to read:
 At the park the other night, making our hearts stop:
 Just fishin'.



  1. I am gluten and dairy free all the time. Sucks when I want really good pizza. :(

    Love this summery post.


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