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good morning, it's Friday! 

How are you?  I'm good.  Not dizzy and just finished my first cup of coffee.  Yesterday was such a good good to feel like myself again.  I even mowed (half) of the lawn!  I haven't been moving too much lately and mowing is one of my favorite exercises...big calorie burn and immediate visible results (the lawn, not me)!  I'm planning on finishing it later on today when Nicky is napping. 

So Nicky is the one that almost made me crazy the other day.  He was sick (my kids all have (or had) a mild cold/cough/sore throat) and SO WHINY.  OH MY GOSH.  By the end of the day he would just open his mouth and I would cover my ears and start deep breathing exercises.  Patrick took over when he got home and I went and got groceries.  It was so nice and quiet.  Ahhhhhhh.  Thank the Lord he was feeling better when he woke up yesterday morning.  It is still amazing to me how one tiny person can make me feel so crazy.

Tuesday night was date night and we had plans to go kayaking but our sitter was 1.5 hours late.  It wasn't her fault but we were 3 minutes from just cancelling when she finally showed up.  I dragged myself into Madison to meet Patrick and we ended up having dinner at Brocach on Monroe Street.  Our original destination was Pizza Brutta and I wish we would have stuck with that.  The food was okay at Brocach but it's so dark in there...I just didn't like it much.  Afterwards we went for a long walk on the Lakeshore path and caught a little of Open Mike night on the Terrace.  It was kind of chilly out and felt so good.  Patrick loved the docks by the Rowing Club and said he could have stayed there all night.  He sure loves me for arranging our sitter this summer.  :)  (I hope next week we can go kayaking.)

A lot of my neighbors (3 of them) have had babies in the last 6 weeks.  I did, too!  Mine are much easier to care for, though.

:)  They are low in a bush so they are super easy to spy on.  It's crazy how much they have changed already and I just took this pic two days ago.

-------it is raining so we might not go to swimming lessons!!--------

On Tuesday we went to the park with my sister and her kids.  It was gorgeous out and we spent the whole morning hanging nice.  Then Wednesday I wanted a nice day at home (snort) and yesterday we went to the zoo with Wendy and her kids.  Also fun and I managed to get a few pictures:

(so glad I did my roots!!)

As we were leaving, Wendy's girls invited my big kids over for the afternoon so I headed home with just Nicky.  (!!) 

He fell asleep almost immediately and slept for hours. (I'm not sure the above image adequately reflects how excited I was.) It was so blissfully quiet in my house.  I owe Wendy, big time.

Today we are going to make oatmeal bars and clean out the van and pack for a quick weekend trip. 

I was +4lbs after camping and am finally back down to where I had been and now it is a fun weekend again!  argh.  I don't think it will be a food fest like camping, least I hope not to let that happen.  AND, I feel confident (hopeful) in saying that regular exercising has resumed.  I am running that dirty girl race in a few weeks, too.  gah.

I really miss feeling strong and proud of myself.

Also, this might be shallow, but after years of feeling like I didn't have too much choice in what I wore, it feels so good to have a closet full of clothes that I love.  I don't want to lose that.  ever.


*James just said that so I used it as my post title.  :)


  1. love that picture of you and ruby!

  2. Wow, Ruby looks like your Mom in that picture! I know what you mean about feeling strong and proud of yourself and loving having variety and style in your closet. I think you look amazing and I am proud of you.
    p.s. you're gonna love my baby


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