last week

Good morning, friends.  How's it going?  Good, here.  I've been up since 4:30, cleaning the house and getting the kids to school.  Now the Bachelorette is on in the background and I'm having some coffee.  Nicky is up in Ruby's room but is NOT being a bad guy, he said, just a good guy.  (thumbs up!)  Tonight is date night!  Tomorrow is the last morning of summer school.  Shit's about to get real.  :)

This past week was a good one.  Our long weekend felt super long and like we did so much but we also had a lot of downtime so it was kind of perfect.  I read a whole book, this one (creepy but I liked it a lot), on Thursday and on Saturday we watched a lot of food shows on TV.  (that American Baking one w/Jeff Foxworthy (wtf?) and The Next Food Network Star...both on demand and both fun to watch.)

A while ago I bought an inflatable boat on Amazon (this one but it's no longer available through Amazon).  It was kind of a lark but I thought it could possibly be fun and it had good reviews.  I think we paid $80!  It turned out to be a really nice boat and we love it.  We took it out once on our little lake here in town and last Thursday afternoon we took it down the Sugar River.  We drove Patrick's car and left it at our take out spot, about 3 miles away.  We got there THREE HOURS later.  That river is so curvy!!  It was a really good time, though.  We found a nice sandbar with clean water flowing in to stop and play at (the river itself is kind of oogy), we finally got James to stop talking and enjoy the ride (he said, "This is really relaxing."  hahahaha), Ruby and Nicky both fell asleep near the end and none of us got sunburnt.  Next time we will bring more snacks.  At some point on our journey Patrick realized he had the van keys in his pack, not his car keys.  Ha!  And we had no cel phones and we were wet and sandy and hungry.  Luckily, a neighbor close to the park let us use their phone and a friend was home to come and rescue us.  I can't wait to go out again.  :)  It's really fun and different and free (now that we got the boat)...all good stuff.  (also on my new favorites list is family bike rides.  Ruby can ride now!  love it.)

Thursday night was the fireworks with Wendy and her family.  On Friday my sister and I took the kids to the splash pad and James tasted his first chocolate shake (aside from homemade) on the way home.  (McDonald's, he LOVED it.) Saturday was a lazy day.  I made the best waffles of my life (Buttermilk.  seriously, sooooooo good.  make them.), did some sewing (mending) and watched a lot of TV.  Delightful.  :)  Saturday night we went to the pool.  Sunday was church and then Menards for lumber.  When we got home Patrick built the kids a new sandbox!  Yay!  Sunday night we had another fire, this time burning the old sandbox.  :)

And now, here are a ton of pictures.  :)

 Patrick made the kids their own Wisconsin Dells.  (his words.)  haha.  :)  They played out there a lot on Saturday and Sunday.
 The new sandbox!  Much bigger.  We need to edit the toys.
 our raft:
 Last Wednesday night I smuggled dinner for two (and wine!) into the Lone Ranger.  The movie was fun...nothing amazing, but fun to watch.
 At the fireworks:  (I left Nicky home with a tired Patrick (he did all our rowing down the river) and found out the next morning he was so sad.  :(  I promised him "scary fireworks" soon.  xoxo)
 Miss Ruby, ready to ride:  (she got her bike 2 years ago and had training wheels on that first summer.  I don't think she rode it at all last year and told Patrick she wanted the training wheels off this year.  He took them off and she rode it!)
 Oh, man.  I want some of these RIGHT NOW.
 Our neighbors were gone all weekend and asked me to pick her raspberries so they wouldn't go to waste.  sigh.  I suppose...  ;)
 Oh yeah.  I made some art on Sunday, too.  I saw a sign at Barnes & Noble that said this and I wanted something like it for our patio.  This is what I came up with.  I need to seal it before I put it outside. 


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