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I was in a hurry yesterday and neglected to say something important.  Our weekend was not at all what we expected...quite dismal in some ways...but it was still just so fun to hang out with my family.  We can make anything fun in at least SOME way and I love that.  :)  I still can't believe that my sister really lives here and that my mom is coming, too.  (mind=blown)

Something that I just read somewhere and it stuck with me:  (did you read this, too?  where did I read it??)  Someone wrote that what they learned from their daughter's kindergarten teacher (was it you, Sybil?  It was!  I just found it here.) is how to say, in any circumstance, "Oh, well!"  I like that.  I told my mom and she said her mom was just like that.  I want to be like that, too.  Here is what Sybil wrote, 

"The best trait to have if you're going to do a relay race? To be laid back and able to go with the flow. As I learned from my daughter's kindergarten teacher, you have to be able to say "oh, well!" As in: "I have to sleep on this cafeteria floor?! Oh well!" "I don't get van support on this leg?! Oh well!" or "I have use another f%^&in' porta potty?! Oh well!"

:)  Thanks for sharing that, Sybil.

Last night I went to The Heat and it was HILARIOUS.  I laughed through the entire movie, even sometimes when I was sick of laughing.  Seriously.  So funny.  Lots of swearing but sooooooo funny.  I knew it was going to be good when one of my friends said she wanted to go even though she had just seen it last weekend.  I can't wait to see it again, actually, and there were sooooooo many lines that were just perfect.  Too bad I can only remember one of them.  "riding the cotton pony."  (having your period)  hahahahha, so gross but funny.

Tonight is date night but how can it top last night??  :)  Also, I am so tired (didn't get home until after midnight.  I am old.) and hoping to be able to stay awake until I can meet Patrick later.  We might be able to kayak tonight but this weird chilly, rainy weather is continuing so I don't know.  What a strange summer.  So different from the heat of last year.  I don't miss that heat but am hoping for another stretch of hottish days.

So, after I posted about having the same hearing as my parents my dad texted me: 

A couple of days later he left a comment on that post telling me it was called "selective hearing."  :)   Well, after talking to him this morning I said I would never mock his hearing again.  He heard a robber at his house last night!!  Thank God he is fine and the robbers (a couple) were caught and arrested.  It is a whole scary story involving a gun (never used), a crowbar, hushed phone calls with the police, and a confrontation.  Scary stuff.  Thank God he was awake when they tried to break in and that he HEARD them.  I formally apologize for making fun of your hearing, Dad.


And now I have to clean my house.  barf.  The good thing?  My kids have been so down with chores lately.  Not every time, but so often they are doing them  willingly with little to no complaining.  There is a vague and distant reward (when we go to Duluth at the end of August) but nothing immediate so I'm not sure why they are doing so well???  I will take it.  And praise the heck out of them.

No yelling update:  I never really wrote much about this but I am trying not to yell at my children.  I found that I was often yelling because I was too lazy to GET UP and take care of business.  I've been praying about it a lot and have messed up a few times but feel really good about how it's going.  Is it making a difference with my kids?  I am not sure but I think it might be.  I randomly came upon this post one day and it really made me think.  (Sometime I'd like to read a lot more of that site.)

Exercise update:  I mowed the lawn last Thurs & Fri (30 minutes each), not much on Saturday, hiked & rock climbed on Sunday, did Jillian Michaels on Monday (wanted to puke...ripped in 30, week one again), and ran on Tuesday.  I hope to walk today before I meet Patrick.  Feeling good about moving again.  Oh, and I hate running.  :)

Weight update:  Up 4 lbs again after the weekend!!  deep dish pizza! top the tater!  oatmeal bars!  so good.  Down 2 now, 2 to go.  sigh.  Then I really, REALLY, want to lose 4 more lbs.  Am I motivated enough to do it?  I don't know but I hope so.  Then next spring I will try to lose 10 more.  And 10 more the spring after that.  (Lord willing.)

love you, peoples.



  1. That text is hilarious! Love it. And aw, thanks for the mention. Her teacher has tons of awesome sayings. Another you might like is "perfect is the enemy of great". I love that she just cuts the crap and tells the kids that sometimes you just have to say oh well, and move on. A great lesson for us all!


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