punch cam

Well, this is it!  It feels like Phase 2 of summer starts today and I have been looking forward to it.  I will get quiet coffee mornings again in a couple of months.  :) It's actually pretty quiet in here right now.  James and Nicky are watching Myth Busters and Ruby is still asleep.  Patrick, too.  He is sleeping in a bit today, which is good.  I just drank the last of the creamer and hope to go get some before he wakes up.  :)  I just couldn't wait, though.

I had wanted to go pick raspberries today but the hours are only until 11am and I didn't want to make the kids get going so early on their first day of no school.  Then last night my neighbor invited me to come and pick some off of her bushes again because there were just so many.  Yay!  They are so delicious.  Oh my gosh.  She also gave me a few baby plants, now I just need a simple raised bed to put them in.  I planted blueberry and blackberry bushes this year so in a few years we are (hopefully) going to have fruit like crazy.

Yesterday was so gorgeous out!  We were going to go for a bike ride to the park but they were playing together so nicely that I didn't want to disturb that.  The playing started because they were fighting so I sent them all outside together.  That is the best method EVER.  Oh, what? You hit each other?  Go on up to Nicky's room (Switzerland) for 15 minutes and shut the door.  Works like a charm.  :) So it was a really nice day.  They played outside for a long time and then when Nicky took a nap I let them watch a movie and I read my book and took a little nap, too.  Decadent.  After naptime it was back outside until nearly 9pm.  Tonight James is having a friend sleepover and he has requested spaghetti and apple pie for dinner because those are his friend's favorites.  Thoughtful kid.

Tuesday night was date night this week.  Most date nights start at 1pm.  :)  Our sitter comes and I get to go do whatever.  I normally thrift or do errands until I can meet Patrick after work.  I just wasn't in the mood this week.  I left the thrift store and drove down to the lake.  I walked on the Lakeshore path all the way to the Terrace and sat there for a long time and read my book.  It was wonderful! 
 I eventually walked back and left to meet Patrick on Midvale where some food trucks gather on Tuesday nights.  I had some dumplings and a salad from this truck:
 These dumplings were small and I ate 5 of them and was STUFFED.  What do they put in there???
I had never had dumplings and have to admit that the texture is not my favorite but the fillings were good.  The salad was SPICY.  I really wanted a deep fried Peanut Butter & Jelly from this truck
but told myself I wouldn't feel good afterwards.  I really wanted one, though!  Maybe next time.  We want to take the kids sometime, they'd love it.  Not a whole lot of options here for James (only 5 or 6 trucks) but he could pick a hot dog or some empanadas.  I actually want to take them down to Library Mall for lunch one day because James especially would love it.  He loves food and loved watching The Great Food Truck race last summer on The Food Network.  I got a job right on Library Mall as soon as we moved here, maybe 13 or 14 years ago (how can that be???), and there was a food truck at lunch time that I still dream about.  It was a mini silver trailer, reminded me of an airstream, and it had a turtle as part of their logo.  They served cilantro rice with black beans and soft homemade tortillas that were SO GOOD.  You could get grilled tofu or veggies sometimes, too.  Hmmmm.  Kind of sounds like QDoba, doesn't it??  They were dirty hippies (literally), though, and I loved their food.  Ah, memories.  Anyways.  Maybe we'll hit the food trucks after swimming today!

The rest of our night together was really nice.  We discussed camping food!  So fun!  We are going camping next week with some friends and I love planning what we will eat.  :)  We are cabin camping at a campground with all sorts of amenities, so it's not exactly roughing it, but that's okay.  We can be outside all day, cook by a fire, and go to bed at night with the A/C going...sounds perfect.  :)  I'm so glad we aren't leaving until Monday.  It will be so nice to get ready over the weekend with Patrick here to help.  There is sooooo much to bring and remember.

I will shut up now.  I would like to close by saying that I am so thankful for my life.  Maybe it's my age, maybe it's the age of my kids...but I feel so acutely aware that THESE DAYS RIGHT NOW are precious.  We are all getting older and I won't get summers like this forever.  So thankful.


*Oh, my title!  James taught Nicky this thing where you make a box with your fingers in front of someone's face and then say Punch Cam! and sock them in the nose.  Nice, right?  (It is really a new variation of this game that we played when I was younger.)  Nicky did it to me in the pool last weekend and I pulled his little ass out of there so fast he didn't know what hit him.  :)  It hurt!!  No punch cam your mommy!!!


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