tippy longstocking

You guys, I am all out of sorts today. 

Last Thursday night I woke at 3am and after using the bathroom had extreme vertigo for my first time ever.  I ended up puking my guts out and sleeping the rest of the night sitting up on a couch with the A/C turned down low.  The next morning my sister brought me to the doctor, while Ronan watched all of our kids, and the doc told me I had probably knocked a crystal rock loose in my ear.

The hell?

It's a true thing, even though it sounds odd.  Maybe jumping into the lake did a little more than scare me.  :)  Anyways, I haven't had vertigo again since, just a bit of dizziness, until this morning.  I got up and was all sorts of woozy, room tilting, etc.  Thank God that has gone away now but I am still dizzier than I've been since last Friday.  It sucks!!  I did the weird falling over exercises and will continue to do them.  I hadn't been doing them because I thought it had gone away.  sad face.  Patrick started calling me Tippy Longstocking.  :)  Anyway, we missed swimming today because I was too dizzy to drive and I'm not sure what the rest of the day holds.

I would LOVE to be feeling myself today and get out of the house because we were super slugs all weekend.  We did go out to dinner ("Welcome to Toppers!" most annoying place, ever) on Saturday and ate ice cream on the big grassy hill beside the Target parking lot.  That was, um, different.  :)  On Sunday I volunteered at church and then came home and had NO energy for the rest of the day.  I managed to go for a short bike ride but then collapsed into bed with this weird under arm pain that I've been having on and off since, you guessed it, swimming.  I am not used to being such a physical mess.  First I got hit with the bike, then I stabbed myself with scissors and now this.  Strange summer.  :)

My kids are good.  Ruby's face kills me every time I look at her, I think she's so beautiful.  She keeps her room so clean and I love looking in there every morning.  She is sound asleep, her room is bright with sunlight (her roller shades don't block much but it doesn't wake her) and her little stuff is arranged everywhere, just so.  I love it.  I give her and Patrick a lot of crap because they are so sickening with each other.  :)  Like, "we have super hearing (they do, while I have inherited my mom and dad's hearing which isn't that super) and are sooooooo clever." (they are.)  gag.  They run around this house stalking each other and laughing like idiots and, honestly, it's the best thing ever.  He has such a cool bond with each of them...I am so thankful for that.  Nicky is failing in the potty department this past week.  I might have to google potty training or something?!  ugh.  He is hilarious and asks for "cash money" after he does a chore.  :)  Patrick also imitates him SO PERFECTLY.  We die laughing over his imitations of Nicky.  (things to remember...how he closes his eyes when he hugs me, how he sucks his fingers when he's upset.)  James is in a very sweet phase.  When I ask him to do something he will say, "okay."  WHAT???  ;)  He also put up such a stink about my reading aloud to him & Ruby, saying the book was boring, et cetera, but I told him he had to listen to three chapters and then could bail if he didn't like it.  (I am reading The Mysterious Benedict Society to them.)   After chapter 2 he was BEGGING me to just GIVE HIM THE BOOK to read at bedtime.  :)  After a while, I did give it to him but he brought it back a little bit later and said he wanted to read it with us.  Awwww, xoxo.  James still loves video games and has been playing Plants vs. Zombies with Patrick all summer on the Ipad.  I think he would play 24/7 if I would let him.

The kids all slept until 8:30 this morning.  That was so nice.  Nicky came down first and wanted me to cuddle him on the couch, as usual.  He likes to be cuddled awake.  What a little sap.  I love it.



  1. I have had ear rocks too! Aweful. Do. The. Exercises!

  2. So I had that problem the first time when I was about 24 and we lived in Florida. I puked all over my classroom it happened so suddenly. The doc down there said the ear rock thing too.

    Sadly, its been more than 10 years and I still have very bad occasional dizzy spells. I once dropped sammi (about a foot, but still) because it came on very suddenly.

    What works for me? DRAMAMINE baby! It makes me sleepy but not fall asleep so I can still take care of the kids.

  3. It's called "SELECTIVE" hearing.


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