Hi guys, How's it going??  Good here.  We got back from camping yesterday and had a nice long day of recovery and laundry.  It was 90+ degrees outside so the 5 loads I did dried in record time.  I still have 2 comforters to wash and get out there today.  I bought plastic clothespins this year and like them SO MUCH better than wood ones.  It's taken clothesline love to levels I never thought possible. 


Camping was awesome.  The campground was clean and beautiful and so quiet during the weekdays that we were there.  Our cabins were small but perfect, the A/C was powerful, and the mini fridge and microwave were much appreciated.  (mostly the fridge...hard to keep a cooler cold enough for meat in 90+ temps)  We ate delicious food (I made these bars with sunflower seeds & sunbutter and a delicious orange butter for on our pancakes Tuesday morning) and had big fires and swam a lot.  The kids LOVED it there and would have liked to stay for many more days.  I was fine coming home when we did but one more night would have been fun, too.  We will definitely go back.  The inflatables were AWESOME.  I was worried about hoisting myself out of the water onto them but it wasn't as hard as I thought.  :) (thanks, Jillian Michaels.)  The lake was a typical lake and once you got past the slimy patches it was really nice.  I guess it is spring-fed so you would hit these icy cold patches that felt so amazing.  That lake made me really happy.  Also, the pool was so warm and felt so good after the lake.  Are you getting how happy the water made me?  The temp may have had something to do with it.  I would be standing in the hot sun pushing Nicky on the swing and just dream of getting in the water.  Then we would.  Nice.

Our cabin:  (Our friends were in one right on the other side of the clothesline, just out of view)

 All the kids on our bed:  (I would like to say that Nicky was in heaven.  He was getting lots of attention from 4 extra people and was in his little element.  He could wander around our two sites and into both cabins and just had a ball.  :) )
 We did all of our cooking at Wendy & Mark's cabin:
 I like this stuff:
 At one point I asked Nicky to stay by Wendy while I did something and he asked me, "On hers lap?"  and I said, "I don't know, ask her."  So he did.
 Party lights!
 The back room had 4 bunks:

 Early morning trek to the arcade:

 Love this one:
 Ruby, trying to catch fish with her hands:
 Wendy heard about cooking eggs in a ziploc so we tried it.
 Patrick took over this egg exercise and they turned out pretty good.  (Well, I compared them to hotel eggs but I was full of pancakes & bacon so I could afford to be critical.  :)  )  Patrick did a lot of the cooking for us.  He cooked all the burgers the first night, helped with the bacon & eggs the second morning and cooked all the steaks the second night.  (at 10pm!!)  YUM.  Thanks, Bunny.
 You don't know how RARE this next photo is.  This is how I see Patrick but I rarely capture his amazing little happy face.  xoxoxoxoxoxooxox  Of all the kids, James maybe loved it here the most.  He is old enough to have a bit of freedom and loved being able to walk around camp with the other kids...didn't even mind having Ruby tag along. 
Here is the lake with the inflatables.  I labeled the one all of us adults jumped off of, yelling YOLO! like goons, after James did it multiple times.  It looked so fun but once I stood up on that thing it seemed SO HIGH.  It took all of my nerve to just go for it.  So fun!  (but it REALLY hurt my breasts.   sad.)  Ruby jumped off once, too.  On the other slide thing, Ruby would jump up in the air and then slide down and I wanted to try that, too.  It was also scary and you got a lot more speed going down.  I talked Wendy into trying it but had to hold her sunglasses for her.  She was at the top so I said,
"send them down" and she said, "don't lose them!" and I said, "I won't!" and then she sent them down and they shot right over my head and into the lake.  HAHAHAHAHHAA!  I found them, though, and told her later that before I did I saw our friendship pass before my eyes.  :)

The water is pretty deep out there so James and Ruby had lifejackets on the whole time.  They got to swim without them in the pool so they didn't mind too much.  We also took out a paddleboat and Nicky loved that even though his legs were to short to paddle.

Nicky also fell asleep in my lap by the fire one night. 



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