best monday ever

Today begins Phase 4 of our summer vacation.  This phase only lasts 2 is our last 2 weeks of summer at home!  The last week of August we will be in Duluth and when we come back we will have a Grandma with us.  for keeps.  crazy.  :)

Last week disappeared so quickly.  Ruby had a great time at camp but it wiped her out.  Wednesday was a hard day...she was so tired...didn't want to go...but ended up having a really good day.  She was happy to be done but is already thinking about next year and that she might want to go back.  That is a good sign, no?  It was a nice week for the boys and I.  James and Nicky can really have fun playing together and it's so fun to hear Nicky laughing so hard.  James totally cracks him up.

On Friday I was tired from the start.  I had to drive the girls to camp in the morning and pick Ruby up that afternoon.  Nicky and I took a long bike ride and all I wanted was a nap but we had to get groceries.  After that it was home and then head to the park for our community picnic fireworks.  Andrea and her kids came with us and it was really fun but sooooo nice to finally get home and into bed.  I love bed.

Saturday morning James had to be to the park for kickball at 8:30.  I was basically down there all morning, until about 12:30pm.  (He had a lot of fun but his team lost both games that day.)  I had Nicky with me for a couple hours and then Ruby came down and then I brought all 3 of them back down at 1:30 to jump on the bouncy houses.  Until 5:30pm.  OMGosh.  Longest day ever.  All I wanted to do was sleeeeeeep but it just wasn't happening.  Patrick had a project to finish up at work so I was on my own with the kids and their unlimited bouncy house wristbands.  :)  It was a very pleasant day, beautiful weather, but it was amazingly wonderful to get home that night.  We passed up an invite to a rib bbq with our neighbors, opting instead to cook a frozen pizza and watch Judy Moody.  best. decision. ever.

We had to be back down to the park for more kickball Sunday morning (just shoot me) but once I was there, it was fun.  The kids were more into the game on Sunday and had a win!  James scored one run and had some good kicks, allowing him to get on base a bit more.  He looked like a zombie but wanted to stay and play more kickball after the tournament was over so I let him...but I went home.  :)  I got into bed and stayed there for most of the day, reading and coming down occasionally for a snack.

I am glad it is Monday and that community picnic doesn't happen again for a year.  :)  I realized that I am kind of selfish and that spending a whole day doing stuff entirely for the kids is quite painful.  :)  We do a lot of fun stuff but Patrick and I seem to mostly agree to things that we will enjoy, too.  This is KEY for me as a parent.  But, yeah, I will totally do it all again next year.  :)

Today we need to hit some thrift stores as I need a pair of old running shoes to trash at dirty girl next Saturday.  I miss the thrift stores now and am excited to get back to work in the fall.  I hope I remember how!! 

I have loads of pictures but the camera is outside so you will have to wait.  :) 




  1. "when we come back we will have a Grandma with us"

    I suppose you won't come and visit me anymore... :-(


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