dirty girl, 2013

These pics are all out of order but they'll have to do. :) It was such a good time. Going into the weekend, Wendy and I were saying we definitely didn't want to do it again next year..."let's just have a girls weekend..."  blah, blah, blah.  Before the first mile was over we were grinning like fools and saying we were all in for next year!  :)  So fun.  Loved it.  I wish it would have gone on longer, actually...it went so fast.  They improved a lot from last year (less repeating mud pits/new obstacles/better shower situation) and it will be fun to see what they do next year.  Go Dirty Girls!! 


 me and annie:
 me and annie:
 this slide was SO awesome:

 thanks for photoshopping the guy out, Dad:
Of course, my sister loved it and now she wants us to do Warrior Dash next year, too.  With our husbands.  :)  Bring it on!



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