fri to the day

Hi guys.  It's Friday!  I can't believe another week is gone.

This was a tired week for me.  I had a cold (better now), I stayed up late, I exercised.  All of that=tired.  On Wednesday, when the sitter came, I ended up sleeping in my van for about 45 minutes after I ate lunch.  I was soooooo tired.  I just found a shady spot, opened up the windows and used a towel for my pillow.  It wasn't half bad and I did feel better afterwards.  I might start keeping a pillow in there.  ;)

James had a very good week.  First of all, he had an awesome attitude.  He passed his deep end test and we celebrated with lunch at Noodles.  I even let him get an adult sized lemonade.  :)  After some scrambling I found someone to sit here while Nicky napped so I could take him and a friend to the pool that afternoon.  He jumped off the diving board for an hour straight and had a smile on his face the whole time.  He then got to sleep over at her house and then had a friend over here to hang out and sleep over yesterday.  We are meeting Heidi and her kids at a park this afternoon and tonight we're going to a Mallard's (baseball) game with Patrick's work.  There is free food, which James loves, and I am going to surprise him with some $$ to play some games.  He loves winning bobbleheads.  :)

Ruby had a good week but it was a bit on the boring side for her taste.  There is no one in our neighborhood for her to play with during the day.  Her & Nicky & James definitely get into play grooves but she spends a lot of time playing by herself, too, waiting for 5:00 when her neighbor friends gets home from day care.  Boring is not all bad and I appreciate her self-entertainment skills.  We also go for little bike rides, read and watch TV.  Next week she goes to a farm animal rescue camp all week (not overnight) and we are hoping she loves it.  It sounds amazing.

Nicky.  My little Nicky.  I thought I scarred him for life after screaming at him for pooping in his pants (for the 4th time) last week.  I totally laid off and apologized and we had a long discussion about how it was TOTALLY okay to poop in his diaper and I was so sorry, but no more underwear for a while.  (sad face, he loves underwear.)  I didn't even push the peeing this week.  He started asking me if it was okay to pee or poop in his pull up and I said, "You can pee or poop wherever you'd like, but it's sooooo fun to do it on the potty!"  (with a fake smile)  Yesterday he said he had the "feeling to poop" and went up and did it on the potty!  Then he did it again this morning, all on his own!!  I was so happy.  It gives me hope that he is not scarred for life and that we are definitely on the potty train, even if it's the slow one.

I had a good week.  I got some cupboards cleaned out (they have been HORRIBLE for a while), exercised, had date night, hung out with friends, saw two movies, took a couple naps, was nice to my kids...a good week.  I was lacking a good book, however.  I also did a little resale prep but not as much as I would like.  Maybe this weekend.  I kind of suck at ebay this summer.  boo.  BUT, I cannot do it all.  Not even close.  :)  And you know what, summer is for relaxing...even for me.

Have a great weekend, friends.  xoxoxoox


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