I hate the word shenanigans

How's it going?  I'm good.  My house is tore up from the floor up (got that saying from Wendy) and I don't even care.  I found some pasta in the cupboard so I don't even have to think about dinner!  :)   It is so quiet here today.  Ruby is at camp, James is watching some show and Nicky is sleeping.  Ahhhhhhhh, quiet.  I love it!  I kind of want to go to sleep for a while but I might just make some coffee and work on consignment clothes for an hour.

I am short on words today so here are some pictures:

Ruby and I at the game last Friday night.  My hair is not this red in real life.  (I don't think!!!):

 I might have distracted her with this photo so I could steal some of her cotton candy:
 Getting the last drop of my beer:
 James and his friend in a serious discussion about this game: 
 Patrick by the sandbox:
 Berry picking on Saturday!

 I tied the bucket around my waist like they suggested but it was quite awkward.

 so good.
 And Saturday night I made freezer jam.  It is DELICIOUS...tastes sooooo fresh and was so easy.  I just used the recipe inside the box of low sugar sure-jel.  So happy I kept all my pretty jars around.  :)
 Yesterday I took Ruby shopping for some clothes & shoes and out to lunch.  We had such a nice time together and such a sweet talk.  I love her.  Later in the day I took all 3 kids to Turbo while Patrick met an old friend for dinner.  The movie was so cute!! 

This morning I dropped Ruby & Allison off at their farm camp.  It was so rustic and charming and I really wanted to stay with them.  I can't wait until she gets home...she already said I could ask her lots of questions.  :)

 On my way home my sister called and said she was at Target and her vehicle had to get towed.  (oh no!!  sad face.)  I went to get her and after stopping at our houses, we went to the park.  The boys had a lot of fun and it was the perfect weather for just hanging out outside.
 gravel shower:

 Eli (and Andrea) loved this but...
 Jacob didn't.  :)  heehehehhee.
 Out of order pic from the game:

James just came up and is whining about losing his $25.  I would be mad, too, but I am SICK of hearing about it and it must be here somewhere and he won't even hardly look.  bleh.

I am so heartless.  :)

*I almost called this post "weekend shenanigans" but I realized I HATE that word.  



  1. Your summer looks absolutely lovely. So happy for you, friend.

    Raspberries are in season? Where did you pick them???


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