the photos from the weekend

Here is Nicky in the barn last week. Those goats were so sweet.

He wanted me to take his picture where I had taken Ruby's:
A little while, at James' swimming lessons.  Yes, he got a Rocky Road cone at 10am.  :)
James was being tested this day.  He passed to Level 4!!  He had an awesome summer of swimming!

The next day was Nicky's first dental appointment.  He did so good.  It was so cute.  My little Nickers.

Friday night we went down to the picnic with my sister to play and watch the fireworks.  (the fireworks that went on for days.  Jacob just wanted someone to stop them!  :)  )
Jacob and Nicky:

Eli, chug a lug:
James and his friends on Saturday morning:
Kickball pitching:
Later on he did an NFL pass/kick/punt contest:

And then it was more bouncing!
This was a bungee competition thing.  It was fun to watch...looked so hard!

Ruby, just chilling on the carny stool:
sweaty Nicky:

I caught Nicky eating that popcorn on the grass and had just shooed him away.  He was checking to see if he could go in yet.
Today Ruby goes to the dentist.  (James went last week with Nicky)  Other than that we have no plans!  Lovely.  I have on a long skirt my sister made me buy at the dig last week (oh yeah...we did that one day!) and Nicky hated it at first.  It is so unlike anything I ever wear.  :)  He said, "Take that thing off, mama!" quite a few times.  But then I twirled and he relented.



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