1. hi!
  2. I am up to my eyeballs in half pint (consignment sale) prep
  3. my eye was twitching on and off all weekend but it seems to have passed
  4. we had to buy all new kitchen appliances (only the microwave was still good)  (one part of our current fridge is hot! to the touch...come on, delivery truck...)
  5. we got stainless and I am so excited!
  6. we saved a bunch on the fridge by getting the floor model.  it's so pretty
  7. nicky is pretty much potty trained.  after I backed off, it was maybe a week before he started wanting to poop on the potty on his own and it's been nicky-led since then.  so happy!  our next big event will be a bed for him...but not for a while
  8. James & Ruby are off to a good start at school.  homework starts this weeks and I am hoping we find a good routine
  9.  I am sick of the summertime temps
  10. I want to go apple picking but not in a tank top and shorts
  11. Patrick and I went on a brewery tour with Annie & Ronan this weekend.  It was a lot of fun and the beer was tasty.  (Minhas)
  12. Yesterday we celebrated Jacob's 3rd birthday!  My sister made an adorable cupcake stand and robot photo guy but I didn't have my camera.  :(  They also had a huge bouncy house.  It was a perfect 70 degrees.  So fun.  
  13. My mom got here Friday night!  Her stuff won't be here for a couple weeks but she is here and that is so awesomely strange.  :)
  14. nicky just locked me out while I was hanging out laundry.
  15. nice.


  1. Sounds like fun!!! Thank you for the sweet card. I loved it! xoxo,


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