hi friends!

I am sorry, but this has to be another list.  kiss kiss.

  1. N:  Can I have some of those cuddles, Mom?  (he likes to cuddle up every morning but this was a new way of asking.  cute.)
  2. Half Pint is over!  I dropped off last Thursday and it was the best feeling.  Can't wait to get my check even though I had a lot less to sell this time.  (I barely shopped for sale items this summer.)  (that's okay.)
  3. I loved our summer.  I miss doing fun stuff with the kids all the time.  I miss Wendy.  (she is a teacher and back to work.)  I am so thankful for all of it.
  4. I spent the weekend cleaning the basement, which in turn, cleans my head.  I was ready to get back to ebay work on Tuesday (sitter day) and it felt really good.  I've had a good first week back and am having fun.  Yay!
  5. I am just now realizing what a gift I've given myself this year.  No volunteering (I'm sure I will on occasion) means such an empty schedule for us 3x a week.  exhale.  It is so nice.  And I don't even feel guilty.
  6. The first days "off" I felt overwhelmed with the state of our house.  Summer is awesome and busy and relaxing and not meant for dusting your kitchen cabinet tops or cleaning closets, you know?  So, I made a list!  of course I did.  I made a list of daily tasks and another of larger home tasks to work on 30 minutes a day.  That made me feel so much better and I am getting a lot done.
  7. First on my list was going through all of our closets.  James is the only one left.  Patrick is on his own.  :)
  8. Our new fridge got here yesterday and when I open it, I hear angels singing.  NOT KIDDING.
  9. Ruby spends every afternoon in this field behind our house looking for frogs and snakes.
  10. I got to pick apples!  And I was wearing jeans.  :)  I got Macouns, which I have loved in the past, and they were SO TART.  I made a wonderful crisp with some and will probably make another next week.  And maybe some applesauce.
  11. Nicky's sitter was going back to the same orchard today and offered to bring him along as she only had one little girl going.  So he is gone until noon and I get to shower and pack because I am going up to Duluth this weekend with my mom.  We are bringing another load of stuff back in our van because she can't get all of her stuff now for a month.  I'm excited for some kid free time and to see my Dad & hopefully brother & Erin again.
  12. It's pretty awesome having my mom here.  It is so strange to meet up with her and Annie and just hang out.  Love it!!
  13. I am sad thinking of being gone this weekend, too.  Isn't that silly?  I love time away but it's always a little hard to leave.  I miss Patrick and our date nights.  We need one soon.
  14. We joined some friends and are going to participate in a trivia contest to benefit the library one night in October.  It's at the local bowling alley and there will be beer.  Sounds like a good time to me.  :)  (I couldn't believe Patrick said yes.  He might be getting a little more social on me.)
  15. I can't wait to put up our Halloween stuff on October 1.  I love surprising the kids when they come home from school on that day.  :)
  16. I think I'm out of stuff.  I just ate a bunch of grapes but need something more substantial.  Like a cake.


  1. I love these little peeks into your life. Sounds like things are swimming along for you. Happy for you, my friend...


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