my best of summer top ten list (in no particular order)

1.  Ruby singing along to the radio in the van.  (our faves?  Cups and Just Give Me a Reason.)

2.  James passing his deep end test and coming to find me with the hugest smile on his face

3.  our date nights

4.  Park Point with so much of our family

5.  camping

6.  Dirty Girl

7.  bike rides

8.  learning to grill boneless chicken breasts properly  (pound 'em flat, marinate in seasoned buttermilk and grill.  so good.)

9.  mowing the lawn

10.  tie:  coffee on the patio::pretty annuals I didn't kill::cute clothes


I hope I'm back soon with some more regularity.  :)  I miss it here.


  1. Park point was one of my favorite summer perfect! I'm already longing for that cold water again. xoxoxo,
    p.s. I read you all the time from my phone and am unable to comment for some reason.


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