my very exciting daily plan (and by exciting I mean for me, not you) :)

I took this picture with my phone last Saturday.  I was up in Duluth with my mom and she had lots of little stuff to take care of so I had the day to myself!  It was gloomy when we first woke up but about an hour later the sun came out and it turned into one of those perfect Duluth days.  I went down to the lakewalk (xoxo) and walked for so long, stopping a few times just to stare at the lake.  It's one of my favorite views.  :)

After I finished my walk, walking barefoot the last mile due to a big ass blister, I did some shopping.  I found nothing at the mall but did get a sweater at Kohl's.  I want more color in my wardrobe but I needed (??) a basic black cardigan.  After that I went down to my mom's to visit with her and my aunt Kristy, then went to dinner with my Dad and then went and had a beer with my friend Jason, who I hadn't seen in 2 or 3 years.  The night before, when we got into town, I crashed a cousin's wedding (after dinner, at the dance) and got to see a lot of my family and dance like a crazy woman for a while.  What a fun weekend!  On Sunday we crammed as much of my mom's stuff into our van and drove home.  She bought me Chipotle & a pumpkin shake for lunch so it was not a bad deal.  :)

This week was good.  I was really focused on work and almost have my store up to 100 items again.  I hope to have it there by tomorrow but might not if people keep buying stuff.  :)  I had a lot of inventory I wanted to get listed before I bought any more and I did take a big chunk out of it.  I could probably do this for another two weeks (I wasn't shopping on my work days, just listing) but all work and no play makes Stephanie VERY BORED.  :)  I hope to find a better balance with that this year. 

One thing I'm doing is trying to work for 30 minutes a day on my off days.  This allows me to list about 4 items or take a bunch of pictures.  I wonder how long I will keep up with it?  Shall we place bets?  :)

This is the third week of my daily tasks and I am liking that still.  I am supposed to vaccum today, though.  :/  If you're curious, here it is:

Monday:  thoroughly clean bathroom
Tuesday:  sweep & mop kitchen
Wednesday:  dust & empty all garbages
Thursday:  wipe down new fridge  :)  (I just ordered stainless really smudges horribly!)
Friday: vacuum

Every day I usually clean around the toilet, do a load of laundry, pick up the living room, etc.  I am also supposed to work 30 mins on ebay, 30 mins on big project (I do most days but not all), prep dinner early in the day (if needed), and exercise (ha!  didn't do that once this week.  :(  ).  There's a lot more that goes into a day but you guys know that.  :)  I like that I have a list of ideas of things to work on because I really get bored quickly.  I can only race Nicky around the kitchen so many times.  (he always wins.)

Right now Ruby is rolling around the living room, clutching her stomach and moaning.  She seems to have a bit of a stomach bug, poor thing.  Also, BUMMER because Annie & I were going to take the kids to the park.  Maybe she can tough it out if there is a park with a bathroom?? 



  1. Having a daily cleaning schedule saved my sanity when I had little kids! It was easier to accomplish one job a day then try to tackle the whole house.


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