1 oct

I am super unmotivated this morning. James and I got pissy with each other before school and it just bums me out.  He left on a good note but that is always such a bummer.  :( 

Also, I think I am in one of my less-motivated weeks of the month.  Are you like that?  I am pretty high energy and get-er-done for 2 weeks, a bit slower the next week and pretty sluggish the next.  :)  It's unfortunate that today is OCTOBER 1st & I am supposed to create a Halloween wonderland by the time the kids get home from school.  Okay, maybe not a wonderland but something cute, you know?  I hope spilling my guts for a while will clear my head space. 

Here are a few pics from last Sunday.  We went to church and then Peck's with Annie and her kids and Gramma.  It was a gorgeous day and the apple cider donuts were sooooo good.  I want to make some so James can taste.  I think I've made them before...will have to look.  (Oh, and he wanted a Mt. Dew so he was fine with us having a donut if he got a can of pop.  :)  )


It is hours later.  I got all my decorating done, thanks to my sister calling and wanting me to meet her.  :)

I hope you had a good day!  I need to stay away from the candy corn.



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