My blog was 7 years old last week!  I just burned a half an hour looking through September of 2010.  Nicky was 5 months old and school was starting and I was so tired.  Makes me a little teary.  I love being so tired.  ;)

It was in October of 2010 that I vowed to wear an accessory out of the house every day.  :)  I bought my first scarf at Old Navy.  3 years later and I am kind of obsessed with accessories (love them!) (might have a slight problem with buying Fossil necklaces on ebay!) and clothes in general.  I got so many compliments from my family when I saw them all this past summer.  They loaded me down with encouraging comments on my body (Sarah said it was TONED!  ahhahahaha...but it made me feel good!) and my style.  STYLE.  Who ever said I had style?  My sister told me that last winter but I just thought she was being, well, my sweet sister.  :)

I was obviously interested in looking nicer before I lost weight but losing weight definitely helped a ton.  It is just a lot more fun to get dressed when a lot more clothes fit you.  I also love the dig because I will try pretty much anything at $1/lb.  :)  Even if it's not my "style"...for .50, I'm bringing it home to see.

I do try to look nice most times when I leave the house.  My friends and I (and my sister) always tell each other when we look particularly cute but it meant so much for me to hear it from the rest of my family.  I know how much they love me and that was just another very sweet way for them to show me.  It meant a lot.  sniff.  I have some super cute aunties (on both sides) and my aunt Kristy and I have texted each other our outfits a few times.  :)  She is the accessory QUEEN and I have a lot to learn from her.

Today is a work day and I have to work now but I just had to share that.  The compliments they gave me were very encouraging and have stayed with me.

I know I've said it before, but my family is awesome.

Also, encouraging others is awesome.  Let's all encourage someone we love today.  (or maybe someone we don't??)


p.s.  I have to edit this to include my mother.  My mom always, ALWAYS, tells me when I look good and gives me encouragement.  Also, she tells me when I look bad.  Which is just as important.  :) 


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