creepy update

Here we all are again, home together.  :)  Today is going better.  Everyone has been combed through and we only found one live guy and 2 nits on James and 3 egg sacs on Ruby.  Nicky was totally clear.  I seem to be clear today.  That the live guy was in James' hair makes sense to me as he has the thickest and coarsest hair.  I used the licefreeee spray last night on all of us but he put up the biggest fight and maybe his didn't get saturated all the way?  The comb works the best on Nicky, James & I, and my eyes and scissors work the best on Ruby...her hair is so light and slips right through the special comb. 


I've heard that you might see a resurgence after a few days if some missed eggs manage to hatch.  We've all been treated twice, though.  (once with chemical killer, once with a natural killer, licefreeee!) I'm going to give us another dose of the licefreeee! tonight if we have enough.  (note:  always get two or more bottles!)

Funny story.  I ordered the licefreee from and they get it to the store the same day for pick up.  Well, I didn't read the fine print and didn't bring my ID when I went to pick it up.  The kid said he wouldn't give it to me...since it was paid for, he needed proof that I was the right buyer.  I had my phone with the email confirmation but that wasn't good enough.  I looked right at him, narrowed my eyes, and said, "I need to talk to your manager.  I have 3 kids with lice behind me and we are not leaving without that spray."  He was like, okaaaaaay, and slowly backed into the back room.  His manager came out, took one look at me, and said I could have it.  :)  She has 5 kids and had lice the year before...she knew not to mess with me.  haha.  It was pretty funny.

Some day I will tell you the horror story of our Best Buy appliance shopping experience.  Okay, maybe not.  All that you need to know is we now have 2 out of 3 new appliances and it's only taken us 3 delivery dates to get those 2.  We've also had $350 taken off of our bill and are praying we get our new dishwasher, undamaged, on the 18th.  ugh. 

Hmmmmm.  What else?  I think I can stop comforting myself with food today.  :)  Oh, that reminds me!  Nicky's babysitter brought over some homemade soup for us yesterday.  Wasn't that sweet???  It was the best thing to have it be dinner time and not have to make dinner after combing and vacuuming and laundry-ing all day.  So nice.  God bless her.

It's gorgeous out and we are leaving for a walk soon.  Picnic Point is beautiful right now and the woods cannot get lice from us.



  1. God, I remember feeling like such a leper when we had lice. As Michael Jackson sang, you are not alone. Hang in there. It'll get better and you may walk again amongst the rest of us.


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