happy thursday

This has been the first week since school started that has felt super BUSY.  I am so glad we had lice last week!!  We would have missed out on a lot this week.  Ruby and James both had scouts, last night was our town's Fall Festival, tonight Ruby has cheerleading practice, tomorrow night she cheers at the football game (!!), Saturday is another scouting event, Nicky & I went to a birthday party yesterday, our van is in the shop, I baked for the bake sale, conferences tonight, I'm babysitting tomorrow and we are supposed to get our new dishwasher.  PHEW.  Oh, and two days of work.  :)  I cancelled a dr. appt.  Priorities!  :)  (it was only a well child check and it's been rescheduled.)

Good gravy!  I'm glad we live in this small town so I can walk practically everywhere with the kids for all of this stuff.  I'm also glad we had a quiet day on Monday with Patrick.  I'm also glad that this is an anomaly for me this year.

I want to say how happy I am to be working again.  I am pleasantly surprised every time I sell something and feel so blessed that I can do this and make the money I do.  I love what I do and I think I'm pretty good at it.  It's fun to think about where I can take it in a couple of years when all my babies are at school all day.

I'm not quite back to where I was, ebay listing-wise, pre-lice but this week has been, like I said, crazy and I had to get back to my cleaning schedule, too.  Last week was all lice, all the time.  Laundry and hair and vacuuming and that's about it.  I didn't dust or clean the bathroom or put laundry away...UGH.  That messy house was really a factor in my mood on Saturday, I think.  I hate waking up, on the weekend especially, to a messy house.

I am writing too many sentences with too many commas today.  I have been alone in my house all day and might have a lot running through my head.  :)  Time for lunch.



  1. Lice and Mice take a front seat in my list of to-do. I don't want to live with either!


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