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Hi guys.  I'm going to put myself out there a little today and I would LOVE your honest opinions.  I am going to a wedding next weekend and am not sure what to wear!  I've asked my mom & sister so I know what they think, I've heard Patrick's opinion on one of them (not good!), and I am pretty much stuck between two of them.  help??

Also, all of these but one were thrifted and I just thrifted the boots, too! 

1.  INC dress, goodwill $6.99, American Eagle booties $5.99:

Also, wearing booties with a dress is OUT THERE for me.  Are you down with this look or no way?

 2.  Gap dress, $7.72, Fossil locket $13 (bought broken on ebay and Patrick fixed it...I LOVE it...but is necklace and scarf too much?), Scarf I already had:
 Okay, this is awkward but (haha) I love the buttons on the back of this dress.  It is supposed to have a dolman sleeve but it might benefit from being taken in just a tad.:
 3.  I wore this to my brother's wedding last winter.  The sleeves have slits on them, which I really like.  I bought it new at JC Penney.  I like it but A) I already wore it! and B) I don't think it's as flattering as I once suspected.
 4.  J. Crew dress, $5.99.  Okay, I love this dress but it was hard to photograph.  I had to lighten the image...the dress is a true black.  It's a heavier knit and warm and comfy but it doesn't look so good here!  To me this dress says church or something...just kind of boring.  Not that church is boring but you know...
 Okay, no number because not really a choice.  I like this in the mirror but this picture looks awful.  It's short and baggy.  It is a European brand, Fenn Wright Manson, and I thrifted it for $2.  blech. 
 OH, and here are my black booties that I've wanted since last year but could never find anywhere, new or used.  Then I found some for $5.99!  (to be honest I only looked at the mall and DSW a couple of times but seriously found nothing as I had something like these in my head...and then here they are!)

This was kind of fun.  I think I have a better idea of what length/style looks good on me.  Okay, what do you think??  :)  I'm all ears!!!!  Thank you.



  1. The first dress with the print is the most flattering dress. I dislike the boot/bootie thing and think you should just put on a pair of heels and get on with it. :-)

  2. I like the green print dress for a wedding, it seems a little dressier, but I like both of your top two.

    The booties are cute with both but if you're going for a dressier look than maybe wear a heel type shoe.

  3. Love, love, love the green dress. Number 1 is #1 with me :) Number 2 is the runner up. Love the booties too but would also love to see it with a sassy heel.

  4. Hands down the green dress. So cute and flattering and I like the booties with it. The grey dress is really neat too but not as dressy....your butt looks amazing in it though! Meeowww! Is that what Patrick thought? Are the boots comfy for dancing? They look like they would be. Is Patrick going with you?

  5. oops, that last comment was me...Cousintine :)

  6. #2 and #4 were my faves, but this is coming from a girl who would wear black and gray 24/7 if I could. #2 would be smokin' if the sides were taken in a bit, too!

    But you do look great in #1, and I would vote for that, but it looked more casual to me for a wedding. Is the wedding more casual?

  7. The first dress(green and black) is the most flattering. The second one I like is the red and black.
    I think the booties make your legs looks shorter and plumper. My suggestion is if you really want to wear the booties go with solid black tights. But personally I would just wear them with pants. I don't know how tall you are but I am just 5'2" booties with dresses for me...except my own booty ;)

  8. I like all of the dresses! Can't wait to see which one you wear!


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