Glad tidings, peeps!

How's it going?

Good, here.  Yesterday I felt like a ZOMBIE, major slump day, but today feels more like normal.  I worked yesterday and am today, too.  Just wanted to procrastinate pop in to say hi.  :)

I found black heels!  Thrifted, of course.  :)  They are Born Concept and pretty cute.  I don't LOVE them but they are like new and were 3.99.  My sister said I could try some of hers, too.  The booties are not off the table yet but it's good to have other options.

I am almost done painting a dresser and my old hope chest for Ruby's room and am so happy I actually did this!  I think the key for me was having Patrick help me get these two items into the garage.  They were there, so I did them.  Huh.  The hope chest might need one more coat but I should be able to do it today and then move the stuff into her room tomorrow while she's at school.  Then James' dresser is next on the list.  It's kind of fun.  The warmish weather helps, too.

I had crazy ebay sales on Sunday...10 of them!  My average is 3/day so that was a lot.  Then yesterday, nothing.  booooo.  I hate days like that but they are common, too.  Hopefully I'll get a little action today.  I am listing all this random stuff that has the best chance of selling now, for the holidays, but it's the stuff that I like listing the least.  It will feel sooooo good to have it done, though. 

Better get to it.  This vintage Furby Baby is FIRST.  I need to get this little thing to sleep so I don't kill it.  :)



  1. Nice. I need to get my eBay steady.

    Nice find with the Borns. Love their shoes.


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