thank you!!

So, quick morning update to say thanks!!  I really appreciate all the feedback!

I love that green dress!  I, like Sybil, am drawn to black and gray...they are my favorites, but I wanted something colorful and was so happy to find it.

The problem?  Patrick doesn't like it.  gah!  I'm going to show him again with the jewlery and tights, etc, and see if that helps.  I hate to wear something he doesn't like but I also want to look good, you know?  :)

I think #2 will look better once I take it in a bit, which shouldn't be hard.  Thanks for meowing at my butt, Cousintine.  :)  xoxo  I was kind of surprised when I saw that photo.  heehehehehee.

I might start taking butt shots daily and base my wardrobe around them. 

KIDDING.  But photos make some things really clear.  gtk.

You seem divided on the booties, as am I.  BUT, I think I am wearing them!!  They are super comfy and I am too cheap to buy new shoes right now that I will rarely wear.  I have quite a few pairs of nice black shoes, just none that are good for a wedding.

It is early now but I was so happy to hear from you guys that I wanted to say thanks before the day got away from me.  Time to get the kids up!



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