the wedding, halloween & SO MUCH MORE

I wore the green dress with the booties.  My sister was ALL ABOUT the booties and my mom even jumped on-board the bootie bandwagon.  :)  I felt very cute and comfortable aside from the poop baby I was carrying around.  :(  OH MY GOSH, my stomach was huge and uncomfortable.  Luckily the dress helped camouflage that and no one asked me when I was due.  (turns out the due date was the next morning...)  (SICK!)

Anyways!  I really enjoyed talking with a few different people and Patrick and I enjoyed our time away and a couple of slow dances. 

That morning before the wedding we had a very nice brunch to celebrate my mom's birthday.  Looking back, all those waffles probably didn't help my situation any, if you know what I mean.

Patrick is working on this huge project for his brother that I cannot even begin to explain but it involves a Kinect and ghosts and a tesla coil and OMgosh, really??  He loves that kind of thing, though, (not the ghost part but the other stuff) so he is happy to have a challenge in front of him.  He wanted to bail out on church, though, so I got kind of crabby about that.  I got over it (church helped) and we had a pretty nice day together. 

We are giving the kids an electronic detox this week and Nicky is really making a play for the iPad right now.  Poor kid.  Here, Nicky, these are crayons...let me show you how they work...

Halloween!  Halloween was fun but I was so glad when it was over.  What a long, high-energy day.  I did not want to carve pumpkins this year (grinch!) but my kids really did so we did 3 of them and I actually enjoyed myself.  We also roasted the seeds and they actually turned out.  huh.  (we did that stuff the night before.  I didn't take one picture of our pumpkins or my kids dressed up.  BAD MAMA.  Well, Nicky didn't dress up but the other two did.  I did, too!   My sister and I were witches.  (shut up!)  ;)

I did take a picture of their Halloween breakfast:

Also, here is the stuff I painted for Ruby's room:

 Her halloween decorations:  skeleton drawing, bat & spider cut outs:
 Oh, and I'm not sure if I ever showed these.  We basically painted her room my dad's favorite color.  After he saw that he sent Rubes some framed (and signed) pictures of two of his cute...

I just told Nicky, "I'm almost done and we'll find something to do."  He said, "sometin yike pay the iPad???"

It might be a long day.



  1. I never weighed in, but I LOVED the green dress so I'm glad you picked the right one, hahaha. Seriously though - so cute and unexpected (for me at least, who also tends to move towards black/charcoal during these bleak months).

    Ruby's room is fantastic. Sweet pictures of some sweet cars!

    You are a brave woman regarding the electronic detox. I'm impressed, and a little fearful for you.


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