james is 10 and other stuff

I almost waited a few more days so it would be one full month since I blogged but then I realized if I didn't just get back here it might be another month! In another month, it will be January!! I know that's obvious but still, it is shocking. :)

So, how is everyone out there?  I am good.  At last broadcast I shared how I had hit a deer and Patrick was going to fix the headlight.  He did get it fixed and I was so happy to have a van again!  So happy!  Every time I got in it I said I didn't care about the fender/hood/door/bumper/cdplayer (haha) and I was JUST FINE.  And then the transmission went out.  :)  On Thanksgiving night as I was going to meet my sister at Kohl's.  :(  So, on Black Friday we shopped for a new van and got one.  And it is very nice and I am only slightly bitter (still) that we had to get a new one but fixing the old one just made NO sense.  (Progressive had deemed it a total loss after the deer and paid us for it so that deer was a huge blessing, actually.  no deer=no check for $3000.00)

My Dad and Mari and Thomas all came down for Thanksgiving and we had a very nice day at my sister & Ronan's house.  see below for evidence:

my sister made this:

men cuddled up with blankets & giant moose:

What else??  Hmmmmm.  James turned 10 and had the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, according to him.  It included a new book, a new DS game, all of his favorite foods, a triple layer chocolate cake, dinner at Noodles, and unlimited electronic time.  (In January we are taking him and a friend to the Dells to an indoor play place for the day, too.)  I can't believe he is 10.

our little nugget.

I have been failing miserably at taking pictures lately.  I didn't do my annual photo book this year.  I didn't put up any outdoor decorations.  My cards are not sent.  My gifts are not all bought or wrapped.  It's kind of a bummer but I have been working a lot and cutting stuff off the list that will stress me out.  I'm good with that.  I don't feel like I have too much to do and if I just do the basics, we will be just fine.  We are cozy in our house with pretty snow and lots of cocoa.  Right??  :)

But of course I will finish shopping and wrapping.  That is so fun!



  1. A new van?!! Yay!! What did you buy? I cannot get over these big kids turning 10. sniff sniff - I love the teeny tiny pics of James. So precious :) Thank goodness I am not the only one who hasn't gotten holiday cards out yet!

  2. I really missed you and was afraid you'd never come back with your mama and sister living there now. Glad you didn't wait a whole month. Love the pics of James in his little cloth daipey. Andrea & Ronan's house looks AMAZING!!! What kind of van did you get? We have been loving ours. I'm personally glad you didn't complete all your Christmas tasks by Dec 1st per usual. It makes me feel a little less lame :) Made some cookies with your vanilla the other day and it made me want to see you.xoxo,


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