Good morning to is this Monday going?  So far so good here.  Except for Nicky calling me stupid and James having a fit (again) this morning about losing his electronic time for the week, it's been good.  :) 

I am trying to decide what to do with myself today.  My options are:  sew, bake, wrap, pick up our bedroom or go shopping.  :)  It's a tough choice!  The days go so fast. 

Our week ended up being a good one.  My cold only lasted a day and while Nicky didn't go back to day care (he kept coughing), Patrick and I took him to breakfast on Thursday at one of my favorite places and had a really nice time.  I went out alone Thursday night to finish up some shopping at Trader Joe's and on Friday we all went to Frozen after early release.  (it was okay...not a favorite of mine.)  Friday night I met my friends for a beer and ended up staying out until 1am.  I didn't drink much so I wasn't hung over on Tuesday, just a little tired.  I baked cookies all morning, took a nap, and went out for a walk in the evening.  Sunday was church, more cookies, cleaning our FILTHY house (with my mom's help) and the Survivor finale.  :)  We love Survivor.  Patrick thinks I should try out.  haha. 

Something I want to remember about Nick right now.  He imagines stuff & plays with his body and hands all the time.  He will hold up his little hand and type on it like he's using a phone.  He will ask me for a pencil (imaginary) to write on his notepad (palm.)  He will strap his (pretend) rocket boosters onto his feet (which takes him a minute, they are not easy to get on) and blast off around the room.  He will shoot us, of course.  He flies finger jets and throws punches at me that turn into hugs at the last minute.  (this was after he gave me a real punch one day.)  I am not sure but I suspect Patrick has a role in all of this.  Patrick, for years, since before we had kids, makes these pretend spiders with his hands to play with us.  Nicky loves them and I can't help but think it showed Nicky how much fun he can have just with his hands.  I love it.  I hope he keeps it up for a while.  :)  It's so fun to watch. 

Right now he is begging me for his DS.  :)

I am trying to pretend there are not jam thumbprints in the freezer.



  1. So, let's talk about James and his electronic fits for a minute, can we? Jackson goes insane about this. Like screaming and yelling and crying. Is James just pouting? Or actually carrying on like a toddler? Curious other mother minds want to know...

    Also I loved Frozen. LOVED it! Beautiful. I did, however, hate their freaking farking fraking big damn bug eyes. STOP IT DISNEY!


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