shut up. pictures.

Yesterday was a good day. Nicky and I stayed home all day and it was pretty relaxing. 

One of my kids' favorite things I did for them for Christmas was get the fleece blankets and sew them pillowcases a couple of years ago.  This year it was the first thing they asked when they got home on decorating day..."Did you do our beds?"  (I hadn't, of course.  It was the one thing I DIDN'T do, of course.  Of course, I did it the very next day.  :)  )

So for my nieces I did the same thing.  One trick pony!
I love them, though.  And especially loved using the pillowcase to wrap the blanket in.  Genius, if I do say so myself.  (see also: lazy)  (sorry for the yellow lighting.  they really do not look like I peed on them.)
This was my "helper."
I also made another batch of cookies, put a sh*tload of laundry away (of mine), shoveled a lot, and did a little ebay work.  We had a family size box of mac & cheese for supper with left over pulled pork and you know what?  It was gooooood.  (and easy.)

Today I have my van loaded up with things to be delivered & returned and a list of things to do and buy.  My boys need haircuts SO badly and today is Nicky's turn.

It was so nice having Patrick home last week.  I know that was an abrupt switch but I had to say it.  I missed him.  A lot.  He was pretty deeply engrossed in that project for his brother (see also: crabby) and last week it was like having my old husband back.  I really DO still like him!  :)

Here are a couple pictures from the Christmas program last week:

That's James in the red.  His bff Matthew is next to him with his hair in a mowhawk.  :)  (I know it's hard to see.)  Also, I had to pay Ruby a dollar to wear that skirt.  I was going to pay her $2 to wear my favorite skirt but it was a little too big.



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