the best laid plans

Patrick is home on vacation this week and I had our week all planned out.  HA!  Even as I did, though, I somehow knew in the back of my mind that it wouldn't go like that.  I had planned for Nick to go to daycare for 3 days this week so Patrick and I could have a whole kid-free day together and I would still have 2 work days.   I suddenly came down with a bad cold yesterday afternoon (Nicky had one, too, but is on the down side of his) and then realized the kids have early release on Friday.  So things are not exactly as I had planned but it's all good.  I think it's like when you get sick once you finally go on vacation...I finally knew I could take it easy this week so my body gave in.  Patrick has been great...making dinner and doing homework with the kids (my normal jobs so this makes it like a vacation for me, too!), running out to get kleenex and cheap wine.  :)  He also shampooed our living room carpet, put the tree up and picked out a dishwasher. 

We have been without a dishwasher for a month.  I'm kind of sick of it but do not have dishpan hands because I always wear rubber gloves.  So there is that.  And I am ever so thankful that we got rid of that piece of crap we had.  Amen.

Anyways.  I felt like crap when I woke up today but feel slightly better now.  Nicky is watching Sesame Street and I might wrap some presents.

I am so happy we got some snow this week.  It is so pretty out.  It's cold, true, but looks so much nicer out there.  Having warm boots and snow pants makes winter so much more fun for me.  I love the cold long as I can leave it whenever I want to.  :)

Ebay has been great.  Now that we have two car payments (argh.) I feel like my income is more needed and not just "extra."  It's times like this when self-employment is kind of stressful.  If my random stuff I list on ebay doesn't sell...I don't get paid!  Thankfully, I always seem to make my same average amount (or more, lately!).  I really feel like God provides for us through this job of mine and I just need to trust in that.  I don't want to worry when I clearly see how we have been blessed time and time again through this.  That week that I wanted to make more to cover my speeding ticket?  I made $190 ticket was $200.  :)

I wish I had some cute pictures to show you but I just don't.  What is in front of me right now is a box of kleenex (puffs plus lotion), an empty coffee mug (which is cute), and a bowl of used kleenex.  yuuuuuuck.

Happy day to you and may your nose not be chapped.


p.s.  All that talk about work makes me rethink taking tomorrow off to hang out with my husband.  But that is important too, you know?  Some pancakes and a movie might be just what the doctor ordered.  :)

p.s.s.  I love my kids so much.  This morning James & Ruby were fighting over hiding the pickle on the Christmas tree and I wanted to muzzle both of them but has been hitting me lately how BIG they are getting.  They are such neat kids.  I love seeing them grow up and watching them change and have their hearts open up more to the world around them.  xxoo


  1. Puffs plus lotion are the best! Hope you feel better soon!


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