what up, wednesday?

Ruby ran home from the bus stop this morning upset because James and his friend were teasing her.  Nicky was sitting on the couch while I was hugging her (she was crying) and said, "Yooks yike she needs some DS time, mom!" 

Haha, DS time is the cure for all ails.  :)

So Nick and I stayed home all day on Monday, great day!  We did errands all day yesterday (and had lunch at Noodles - Nick's pick), great day!  We went to the library and a thrift store today, then came home for a nap (Nicky) and some Downton Abbey (me, just started it), great day!  Tomorrow is still unknown but I am assuming it will be great because, why not?  No day care this week for Nicky as his sitter's house has lice.  blech.  But him not being able to go last week?  Blessing.  It is odd being a mom for so many days in a row.  I am out of mom practice.  I found myself thinking of craft ideas.  WHAT?? 

I made a delicious soup last night and none of my kids liked it.  Not even my good eater, James.  He politely told me I should wait to try new recipes until they are older and their palates are more advanced.  I let them eat all the cherry tomatoes they could and poured myself a wine spritzer. 

I watched Nashville on my tablet (got a new tablet! cancelled cable!) last night and it was so fun!  We got a new router & modem today so hopefully it will work even slicker now.  The Bachelor starts soon, can't wait!  The only thing I really miss is Bravo and I can buy whatever I want if I really want it on Amazon.  We shall see.  Cable is really only a phone call away. (if I need it.  so comforting.)  (we also have netflix and amazon prime so how much do you need????)  (lots.)

peace out.



  1. Hold the phone. This post may have just changed my life. The only reason I'm holding onto cable is for my stupid addiction to those stupid Bravo shows, but I can buy them from Amazon???!!! Like, THIS season's episodes???!!! Whoa. Epic.

    I love hearing about your joy in being a mom. Reminds me of mine - hahahaha


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