Tuesday, May 28, 2013

good morning

Good morning, friends.  How's it going??

I am deleting my Inbox and realized I still have emails in there from the summer of 2011.  WHAT??  I have just over 16,000 emails to delete.  :/  Only a handful are ones I want to keep so I am quickly scanning 100 at a time.  If I do a few hundred a day it will only take me...a month and a half to get it finished.  :)  Nice. 

How was your weekend?  Ours was good.  Patrick was a lawn super hero (he aerated it among other things) and is waging a hilarious battle against something burrowing in our yard.  He would fill a hole with compacted rocks and dirt, go into the back yard for a bit, come back to the front and the little creature would have started clearing out his old hole.  :)  Hee hee.  He must have been watching Patrick because it happened a bunch of times.  heehee. 

I was kind of bored on and off all weekend.  I got a lot done including quite a few ebay listings, watching 2 episodes of Nashville, housework, mowed the lawn, playdates, exercising, eye appt., etc but it all felt kind of blah.  Yesterday the big kids were awful until 2 hours in their bedrooms snapped them out of it.  James had had a sleepover Sunday night and they were all up late and SO crabby yesterday morning.  ugh.  That long break helped, though, and we had a nice evening.  They went to bed at 7pm and seemed back to normal today.  Thank God.

I fell in love last week.  With kettlebells.  I seriously LOVE them and LOVE how I burn the same calories as a Jillian Michaels workout without any specific "cardio" times.  I still really like Jillian but it is SO FUN to be doing something new.  I ordered my first kettlebell and it should be here tomorrow.  I started with just a 10lb dumbbell that I have and that works for the most part but I know an actual kettlebell, with the handle, will be much better to work with.  I guess their weight is off center or something, too.  ??  Anyone else love these?  So fun to do something totally new.  I used this workout on youtube my first time and really liked it.  (It's called Fitness Blender Beginner Kettlebell Workout if the link doesn't work.)  I bought another one on Amazon (Prime Video) this morning and can't wait to try it with my new bell!!  My obliques are aching which feels really good.  That beginner workout, while not easy at all, didn't leave me sore afterwards.  I ordered a 15lb kettlebell so hopefully that one will beat me up a little.  :)  I want to ache!!! 

I am at that awkward point where my pants (especially my few pairs of jeans) are all too loose but I don't want to quite go out and buy new ones yet.  My shorts seem to fit better, and I've taken a couple of them in, but our weather has been CRAP so I haven't been wearing shorts at all.  I will probably take my jeans in a bit in the waist to get me through but it will be so nice to get new ones.  soon. 

Nicky and I are going to the Children's Museum in a little bit so I should go get ready.  I hope you have a good Tuesday!  xoxo

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I just wanna feel this moment

Hi peeps,

How are you?  I'm good.  I just finished an afternoon coffee and all of my kids are occupied.  WHAT COULD BE BETTER??

Today was a work day.  I did some listing stuff this morning and then hit the Dig and found a TON of stuff.  Practically everything was new and I stayed for a long time.  It was extra great because Heidi came and I hadn't seen her forever.  A while later she posted on facebook how excited she was to be doing laundry.  There's nothing quite like the load of laundry after a good day at the dig.  :)  I left there and got some groceries that were all over the table when Nicky got home.  Here is our conversation:

N: Whew did all dat stuff come from, mom?
S:  I got groceries today.
N: (incredulously) DAT'S what you do while you work?  (emphasis his)

HAHAHA.  Mind your own business, 3 year old.  I can do whatever I want.  :)  It was so funny.  He is such a little turkey.

There are only 2 weeks left of school!  That is crazy but I am totally ready for it.  I am also going to enjoy the heck out of these last two weeks.  :)  I did find a babysitter for the summer, though, one day a week, so I am happy about that.  It really helped me to have that break last summer.  I am hoping to keep going somewhat with ebay so I will use that time to shop or even list somewhere that I can get free WIFI.  I don't think anyone at the library would mind if I set up downstairs with my laptop, measuring tape and a bag full of clothes.  :)  (that actually sounds kind of nice...)

My weigh in yesterday was good.  I was down that last pound plus a little bit more.  Yay!  This morning's was even better but that is not official yet.  ;)  Tonight we are having hamburgers with fried eggs on top, though, so...?  :/  I just went and looked it up and it's not as bad as I thought.  The burger is 210, the egg 70.  Bun will be 100 plus a slice of cheese, 100=480.  That will bring me to 1400 for the day so I can still have either some carrots & hummus or an ice cream bar.  :)  I wonder what it will be???  HAHAHA. 

Speaking of laundry, I have been in a state of laundry nirvana for the last month or so.  We got our basement cleaned up and ever since I have been totally on top of the laundry.  I have a really good system down and have been so fearful of losing it that I haven't spoken of it.  I have always been good at doing laundry, it's the folding and putting away that dragged me down.  I now have a table down there so I fold it as I take it out of the drier (THE KEY!!) and sort it into piles for each of us.  I am responsible for bringing mine & Nicky's (and towels) upstairs but the others take care of their own!  It is so nice.  Everyone knows where to look and there is no hollering about socks or underwear in the morning.  :)  The kids don't always get their stuff put away but I don't really care about that.  They get to it on the weekend then when we make them clean up their rooms.  Laundry is kind of my happy place now.  I can go down there and just have a "moment", you know?  happy sigh.  I love those moments.  They are hard to describe but you know what I mean, right?  When something is just right and satisfying.

The other morning it was 9:30 and I hadn't had my coffee yet.  My sister asked how I could do that and I said I thought it was just because I enjoyed looking forward to it so much, that I put it off.  She laughed and said I've really always been like that and I realized she was right!  I love having things to look forward to whether it be a vacation or a cup of coffee.  Or a laundry moment.  :)

Hope you found some happy moments today.  xoxoo

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

miss me, miss me, now you have to kiss me!

Hi Stranger!  I hope you guys had a good week!  Mine was really good.  My little girl turned 7.  I went on a field trip with James.  We had family over.  Patrick helped Andrea & Ronan unload a moving truck.  We did a lot of yard work.  I may have gotten my ebay mojo back.  A really good week.

Now it is a new one!  I am so happy to be home with Nicky today.  We just got back from walking the kids to school.  Oh - you know what?  I totally avoided my neighbor kids today because I just wanted to walk alone with my kids.  :)  Isn't that awful??  They are nice kids but I really like that time with just my kids as everyone is normally pretty happy and it's a nice time.  So today we left earlier and I don't feel a bit bad.  :)

I am having coffee and thinking about our day.  I might make some more no-vita-muffins.  I'm going to call about an aerator for the lawn.  Patrick is going to aerate it this weekend...we have NEVER done that before and our lawn needs some attention.  He also said he'd rebuild the sandbox so that is cool.  That sandbox has gotten more play than anything else in our yard but it is 6-7 years old now and is rotting.  (The swing set that I got 5 years ago for $100 is a close second and thankfully that is not rotting but we did replace a few of the swingy type things a couple of years ago.)

I wasn't here last week for Weigh In Wednesday but I was -2lbs.  Remember I had been +3 the week before?  Well I lost 2 of those and I hope I am back to where I was by tomorrow.  I sure am POKEY about losing weight.  sigh.  BUT!  Those goal shorts & pants all fit me now.  I couldn't get them zipped before but now they totally zip up and everything!  :)  Yay!  They are still tighter than I wear my shorts but I am within a few pounds/inches of them being wearable.  My birthday is 20 days away...I hope I make it.  My tendency is to want to lose weight, on the scale, and to feel bad if I don't, or if it isn't very fast.  However, my body is changing, I can't deny that.  My hips and butt and waist are all smaller.  My arms are stronger.  I can do things with my arms above my head for longer than I could before.  :)  I can tell that I have more muscle and that is so encouraging to me.  I love doing the little bit of weight training that I do and am proud of myself that push ups and squats and lunges and planks don't seem as impossible as they did a couple of months ago.  Good stuff.  Don't get discouraged, self.

Not even when that nearly overwhelming urge to eat carbs hits in the afternoon.  :/  Man, it's strong.  My best solution is to get up, drink some water, chew some gum.  If I waffle (heh) I can sometimes get past it with just a little treat and a couple times (last week with the birthday cake) I've totally blown it.  It's kind of crazy when I see that so clearly...I am not one bit hungry and only want sweets, badly.  I know what's going on but I can't shut it off very easily.  Each time I get past it successfully I feel so good.

Anyways.  Here are some pictures of Ruby's birthday and James' field trip.  Enjoy!  xoxo

 I love gopicnic lunches.  They are so good and they have a sunbutter lunch!  cool.
 Old World Wisconsin is pretty cool.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Now it's Tuesday and I was up again and again with a coughing Nicky.  Then we finally fell asleep and he woke me up again by peeing all over my pillow. 

Being a mom is so glamorous.

He is lucky he has those soft little hands to pat my arm with.

I am lucky to be patted with them.  I am also lucky I have good dark coffee for this morning and that it's nice out and that I have some stuff to plant.  And that I get to make cupcakes for my little darling Ruby who is turning 7 tomorrow.  

I am praying this Columbian does the job and I will soon stop feeling like I need to crawl back into my bed.

I bought sunscreen yesterday and forgot to put it on my kids today. 

James can eat regular ice cream bars now.  Like a boss.

Teresa made me think outside the box for Under Armour apparel and I thought, "duh!  I should check ebay." and found 2 shirts for James for $12 each, shipped.  They arrived last Friday and he's worn a rotation of his now collection of 3 every day since.

Here are some pictures of Ruby's room:

 My vitatop knock offs turned out really good.  They were slightly smaller than real vitatops and had less fiber but were tasty and easy and gone in 2 days.  I'm going to make more today or tomorrow.  Let me know if you want the recipe and I'll post it!
 See what I mean about being underwater?  :)


Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey everyone!  :)  How's it going?  It's Monday and I am supposed to be working but had a few things to take care of first.  Like coffee and blogging.  :)  I don't think I'm going to work on Mondays next year.  I do appreciate the quiet after a busy week but I also want to just get stuff in order after the weekend and I feel guilty doing that if it's a "work" day.  Obviously not that guilty, as here I sit, but too guilty to finish cleaning out my closet like I'd like to.

First of all, I hope if you're a mom that you had a good Mother's Day.  Mine was uneventful but good.  We had a quiet morning with waffles and coffee and then Patrick went to help Ronan at the house.  (I was good with this...he didn't ditch me. :) )  The kids and I just hung out all day, planted some flowers and then went and had dinner at Culver's.  They were all bickering while planting and I was ready to throttle them and then we got to Culver's and they all slid into the booth right next to each other...1,2,3.  It was so cute.  And then James gave me some of his burger and Ruby gave me some cheese curds and I felt much better.  :)

Last week flew by.  I felt kind of off all week, on and off.  I went with Ruby on their field trip on Thursday and that was fun but soooo tiring.  On Friday I worked and then went with Annie & Ronan to pick up our race packets for Saturday night.  When I came home I found these on my front porch

Our dad sent Andrea & I each some flowers for Mother's Day.  awwww.  He is so sweet.  xoxooxox

On Saturday we went to my sister's to see my mom while she was watching their kids.  I also sewed my sister & I some running "skirts" for our run.  It was a Glow Run and I found a neon highway worker tee at the thrift store and was able to make it into two skirts and a couple of headbands.  :)  It was fun.

The run turned out to be super fun!  It was FREEZING cold and really windy so much so that we sat in my van and waited to meet our friends at the starting line.  (they had met earlier and were at a bar nearby)  Once we met up though, and started jumping around to the fun music they were playing, everyone warmed up a little.  I was so happy to finally start running...I warmed up right away then.  It was a 5k with "party zones" along the way that you could stop and dance at.  They actually looked pretty dumb when I got to the first one so I kept on going.  I felt pretty good and thought I might have a shot at running the whole thing.  And I did!!  Yay!  I ran my first 5K!!  I was so happy.  I went slow and it was un-timed so I don't even know how long it took me but I don't even care.  I ran by myself most of the way which I really liked.  I loved being there with my sister and friends but for the running part, it was just good to be in my own zone and not worrying about slowing anyone down.  :)  Afterwards we stayed and danced for a long time (the dj was still there) and then came back to a local bar to have bar food & another beer.  I woke up yesterday and my legs were sore but once I moved around some, I was fine.  I chugged a lot of water throughout the day and went for a walk yesterday afternoon, too.  This morning my shoulders ached!  Same thing, though.  Once I started moving them, I feel fine.

 (the white lips were for the black light areas...not my look of choice.  :)  )

 at the finish line:

 after party:
 Annie & Ronan:
So fun!!!  xoxoxo

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

weigh in wednesday, week 3

What the hell was I thinking?  Why would I ever want to come and tell you that I GAINED 3lbs in the last 2 days???  :)  Yeah, up 3 this morning.  BUMMER.  But, I am not too upset about it.  My fingers are like sausages so I think there is some bloat going on.  I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing and get my water intake back up there and hopefully that will go away in the next couple days.  ((If it's still here next week, then I'll be seriously sad.))

Now that we have THAT out of the way...how are you?  I'm good.  I just took my first attempt at homemade vitatops out of the oven.  I will update you later.  They smell good, if that counts for anything.  :)  I really like the chocolate vitatops.  They are 100 calories and a really good breakfast when toasted and smeared with 1T of sunbutter.  (total 200 calories)  I am a sucker for baked goods so those make me feel like I am having some without blowing through 300 calories.  They are pricey, though!  Mine will have less "stuff" (fiber & vitamins) but hopefully still be tasty.  And they have 4.6g of fiber each as I'm using Super Colon Blow All Bran cereal.  I'll let you know!!

Ruby's room is all painted and a lot of her stuff moved back in.  With the aqua curtains and aqua walls, being in her room is kind of like being underwater.  :)  heehee.  She loves it but Patrick and I laid in there last night and imagined a few things on the walls to help break it all up.  Only Ruby-approved stuff, though.

Guess what she wants for her birthday??  Pierced ears.  Ohhhhhhh.  My little Ruby.  xxxooo

I thrifted James an Under Armour shirt and he is in LOVE.  It is super fitted and fits his slim body really well.  He has requested more so I am going to have to find some.  Who sells Under Armour for kids??

I am TOTALLy over ebay right now.  I don't know why!!!  I got out of my groove and am struggling, struggling to get back into it.  I am still having some sales, listing some stuff, but the fire isn't there.  I just may be ready for a break.  Going to the thrift stores doesn't even excite me anymore!!  crazy.

I did get my consignment sale check last weekend and it went great!!  I made more than I hoped and most of it sold the first day (for full price) so I know I priced things well.  That was a happy thing!  :)

I better go now.  My coffee is gone and I have one extra little boy here wanting to go outside with Nicky.

(Can I just quickly say how lots of homework for 2 kids + getting dinner on the table + a 3 year old who only wants to go OUTSIDE = holy shit, get me a beer.)


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

mke or bust

Hello there! How is your week going so far?  I hope well.  Mine is good.  I am so happy to be home with Nicky today.  We have lots of stuff to do and are going to spend the whole day outside.

Right after I finish my coffee and blogging.  :)

We walked the kids to school again and I have to say, I am loving that.  It's just really fun and all 3 of the kids love it, too.  Today James is picking Ruby up at school and they are walking home together, by themselves.  eek!  Well, kind of.  If Nicky is up, we will go meet them.  If he is sleeping I will go out and watch for them.

We had a great weekend in Milwaukee.  I really love that city...the lakefront is just beautiful and reminds me so much of Duluth.

Along with the fun family time, I was so happy to go to two different Alterras for coffee & breakfast.  The food and coffee is delicious and they just have a really cool vibe.  (Ha!  I just looked at their website and saw that they have a place in Madison, up on the square.  Cool!)  Patrick also really liked them.  He said the coffee stops and the beach were his favorites.   :)

 We were sitting there having coffee and hot chocolate and James said, "Mom, something smells like bread."  HAHAHAHA!  Patrick and I just looked at each other and I was like, "Are you serious?"  He realized what we were talking about and said he hadn't even noticed the 72 freshly baked loaves in front of him.  It was so funny.
We got the cupcakes from Honeypie and they were very good and just as huge as last year.  :)  Next time we want to eat there...the place was packed at breakfast time and the food looked amazing.

Overall, Ruby (and all of us) had a great time and James said he wants to go to Milwaukee in December for his birthday, too.  I'm guessing he'll change his mind but who knows!  I'm game.  :)  Those parties are an awful lot of work.


Thursday, May 02, 2013

non-scale victories, week 4 (and other random bits)

My NSVs for this week are:

1.  I'm on track for exercising 5x this week.  That is my goal for every week.
2.  Walking the kids to school in the morning.  It was freezing today but James is really into it and I want to encourage that.  Plus, I burned 180 calories during that walk!!  Nice.  :)  (Ruby took the bus and Nicky burrowed under his blanket as seen in the blurry picture below.)

3.  Going to Chipotle with Patrick last night and getting what I really wanted (burrito bowl...ate 3/4 of it.).  I looked at the website earlier in the day, figured out the calories I'd need, and ate accordingly all day so I'd have enough.  We even got some frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf afterwards.  YUM!!  I did get some cookie dough chunks but would have been just as happy with the plain oatmeal cookie yogurt.  It was soooo good and 180 calories for 4 ounces.

I have had such a good (busy) week and today I am just tired out and unmotivated.  Of course, it's a work day so I can't just sit on the couch all day like I really want to.  Maybe all night??  It's chilly out so maybe my kids will want to be couch potatoes with me later.

After our mini-date (which was so nice.  I really love Patrick.) I stopped in Old Navy to get Ruby some shorts.  I brought home 2 pairs of flip flops for her, too.  When she saw them she was so excited!  "Do I get to keep them both, Mom??"  :)  So cute.

We are going to Milwaukee again this weekend for her birthday celebration.  (here are some pics from last year)

Something tells me she's most excited about the cupcacks.  :)

I found the diagram below when I cleaned out her folder yesterday.  I asked her about it and she said they had done them about their favorite animals and then she wanted to do one about me.  :) haha!  I asked her to read it to me and she read the "evol" as love.  I thought she was trying to write evil but she laughed so hard when I suggested it that I believed her.  She said, "Why would I write that about you, Mom??"  And the "hort" is heart.

Something that's making me happy right now:  Patrick is really good about noticing the stuff I do around here.  Lots of times when he comes home he'll say, "The house looks nice, honey."  (we usually pick it up before he gets home)  He always thanks me for dinner, even if it's less than stellar.  This morning he thanked me for washing his sweatshirt.  That stuff is so simple but really means a lot to me.

Anyways.  :)

The other day as I drove past the last gas station on our way out of town, Nicky reminded me I needed to get gas.  (I had told him that as we were leaving the house 4 minutes earlier!  duh.)  I totally did so I turned around and went to the gas station.  We have had this van for over 7 years and I've never put in more than 16.5 gallons.  NEVER.

17.7!!!  Holy cow.  That was a total blessing because I don't think we would have made it even 15 miles down the road.  Crazy.  We were so empty!!

And finally, just a couple cute (but silly) pictures of Nicky & Jacob last week.  I was happy we got to see them a lot last week.  Sadly, Nicky has started making funny faces for pictures...a lot like his older brother!!


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

weekly weigh-in, week 3

Quick pop in.  The scale said I was down .6 lb this morning.  Yay!  No gain for last week is a big success in my eyes.  (and my hips.)

I am a sweaty mess right now so I can't stay and chat.  Have a great day!!!



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