Wednesday, June 26, 2013

pinterest fail

Yesterday afternoon, in a fit of pinspiration, I started gathering the supplies to make a water wall for my kids to play with.  I decided to attach some stuff onto a chicken wire panel and got to work cutting some recyclables.  On the second one my scissors slipped off the bottleneck and jabbed into that delicate flesh between the base of my thumb and the rest of my hands.  I couldn't really look at it, just saw the blood and ran in to get a towel.  After a brief glance I had James call Patrick.  I needed back up.  :)  He got home, took a look at it, and said he'd drive me to urgent care.  A few stitches later and I was sore and tired but patched up.  We got home and I crawled into bed with a beer and Ruby.  Patrick brought me up a taco salad a while later, I scarfed it down and fell asleep.  It is still achy this morning but I'm pretty sure I'm going to make it.  dumb, dumb, dumb.  I hope my kids see my example and are more careful with scissors.  :) Patrick made dinner, cleaned up and put the kids to bed but didn't think it important to clean up the fat, red droplets of blood leading from the garage entry to the kitchen sink.  That is my only goal today.  Oh, and getting that wall finished.



How are you?

I am enjoying this week, aside from all the rain.  James has track & field every afternoon from 1-3 and he's really enjoying it.  I am enjoying it because it's keeping us home and Nicky is getting normal naps at a normal time for a change.  It's good to have some normal after our first two whirlwind weeks of summer.  Ruby had a friend over yesterday and gets to go to a friend's house today...I am happy for her because her best buddy next door is at daycare all day, every day this month so she has been kind of lonely.  On Tuesday afternoon she got to go to Annie's by herself for an hour to play with Jacob.  The boys and I went to a park and then we all went to pizza together.  It was really good and a lot of fun but CHAOTIC.  5 kids can be crazy...especially when 3 of them are so little.  I love it, though.  Tomorrow afternoon we are going over there again to celebrate little Eli turning ONE!!  Yay!

I never said what happened with my back, did I?  I can't recall.  I had hurt it taking a bike down (the bike swung and hit me pretty hard) and it hurt for over a week before I called the doctor.  They scheduled me with a Physical Therapist on a Thursday (Ronan came and watched my kids, bless him) and it felt better almost immediately but I was still somewhat sore all day & the next.  I did my stretching exercises as prescribed and I woke up Saturday morning (the day I went with my sister) and was FINE.  As in, totally fine.  I was on my feet for about 15 hours that day and it didn't bother me at all.  A miracle.  A sister-weekend miracle.

I hadn't done any exercise aside from walking since I hurt my back so it felt good to sweat with Jillian on Monday.  I appreciated the break from sweaty exercise but really started to miss it and now I am very sad that I have to wait another week until my stitches come out before I can hold weights or my kettleball in my left hand.  (so thankful it was my left hand!!)  My weight is the same but I STILL want to lose 4 more pounds.  I want to hover around that next 10lb level.  I am -6lbs now which still seems like I could easily be up to the next 10lb level if I'm not careful.  If I am 4 lbs lower then I can hover around a little (also called maintenance) but feel pretty safe that I will stay in that range.  I just want some more wiggle room but need to really apply myself to get there. 

I have to go play cars now.  TV time is over and the sun is out!!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

our weekend

The weekend before last my sister picked me up at 6:00am.  We headed into Madison and got a primo parking spot right on the square for the Farmer's Market.  After hitting the cash machine, we started walking around.  It was grey and a little chilly out...perfect for hoodies and a coffee from Alterra.  :)  We bought some plants, a giant cookie (for Jacob), a smaller cookie (for us to share later) (peanut butter!), and some cheese that is best grilled.  The sun came out and by the time we got breakfast at Marigold Kitchen, it was warm out.  After the delicious meal (their orange butter is my FAVORITE) we left for the Aveda Institute for pedicures & stuff.

A couple of hours later we came out into the sunlight, blinking like moles.  (my sister's description, very accurate.)  Our toes/hair/eyebrows were looking good.  Next was a visit to Anthropologie, then Kohl's (for many, many hours), then a late lunch at La Baguette, then Old Navy, then the mall.  At 8:59pm we blew through the doors at JCPenney just before they locked them and made it out to our car.  Our next stop was Chipotle for some burrito bowls.  We checked in at our hotel (only to not get the room we paid for, boo.  but the next morning the desk guy comped the room we did get so yay!), got into bed with our food and cracked a beer. 

Sunday morning we hit Krispy Kreme for a donut each and ate them in the parking lot of Menard's.  Andrea said, "Happy Father's Day to us!"  HAHAHAHA!  We did not intend to go away on Father's Day but that's just how it worked out and our husbands were fine with it.  After filling a cart at Menards we went to the Dig for an hour or so and then home because we had tickets for the Mallard's game at 3pm.

Somewhere I have a picture of how packed her car was.  Seriously packed.  We bought a lot including lots of clothes, a huge tomato plant, various perrennials, a flat of annuals, 3 bags of dirt, various pots, 2 portable grills (Happy Father's Day!), trinkets for the children and some honey sticks.  We were happy when they comped our room because then we each had more money to spend!!  :)

The Mallard's game was SO FUN.  I had bought our seats a while ago in the peanut free section they offer for one game a year.  Each seat included 3 tickets you could use for beer or the bouncy houses/games they had.  We also all got unlimited food, soda & water.  It was hot, but not too hot, we had awesome seats and we all had a great time.  James spent most of the time running back and forth to the games and winning lots of bobble heads...he was thrilled.  :)  Sadly, we all left our phones in the cars so we had NO pictures.  Bummer.  I am trying to leave my phone in the car on most of our outings so I will have to get in the habit of bringing my camera again.

What an awesome weekend!!  We decided to do the sleepover version annually, but on Mother's Day (heehee!), and a non-sleepover version semi-annually.  With maybe an extra one at Christmas??  :)  Either way, it was SO SO SO wonderful to just have that time hanging out with Andrea.  Loved it.  Surprisingly, I laughed so hard I cried four times but didn't pee my pants once.  BONUS.


Monday, June 24, 2013

here are a bunch more:

I love our patio. Have I said that before? :) My only goal this summer is to sit out there every day, at least for a while. Not really a problem.
New rug!
I love that old green door.  I got it last summer for $15.

For my mom.  She likes to see this stuff.  :)

At the lake last week with Wendy:

Nicky shaking his groove thang.  I have another video to upload once I find it.
Running down the halls of the school Wendy teaches at:

Not so amused.  :)  Had just left doctor and had to get them home so the babysitter could come so I could LEAVE.  :) 


Jacob's new house:
Nick over for a visit:
at the beach yesterday:

they love the locks:

sad little nicky.  he is such a fan of the cuddle.  :)

where to begin?

Two weeks under our belt, here we are at the start of the third. How is your summer going? Ours is going really good.  Just as you'd expect, there are daily cranky episodes, lots of bickering and even a few punches thrown.  :)  Along with the normal kid drama, we are having lots of fun.  I'm feeling thankful for all we've done so far and excited looking ahead.  I do feel like it's going by too fast but I know I'll be ready for school come the end of August.  :)

I have so many pictures that I want to get in place here, in case my hard drive ever crashes and we haven't backed anything up.  (which has happened, oh, TWICE.)

I took Nicky out for a special lunch right before school got out.  
The boys at a EMS thing we went to:

Last day of school:
At Olbrich Gardens when my Dad was here:

Out to dinner on my birthday:

Uncle Ronan taking one for the team on the zoo train:

Ruby, one afternoon:
date night, last Thursday:
Ruby's first grade graduation, if it works:


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