Thursday, August 22, 2013

dirty girl, 2013

These pics are all out of order but they'll have to do. :) It was such a good time. Going into the weekend, Wendy and I were saying we definitely didn't want to do it again next year..."let's just have a girls weekend..."  blah, blah, blah.  Before the first mile was over we were grinning like fools and saying we were all in for next year!  :)  So fun.  Loved it.  I wish it would have gone on longer, went so fast.  They improved a lot from last year (less repeating mud pits/new obstacles/better shower situation) and it will be fun to see what they do next year.  Go Dirty Girls!! 


 me and annie:
 me and annie:
 this slide was SO awesome:

 thanks for photoshopping the guy out, Dad:
Of course, my sister loved it and now she wants us to do Warrior Dash next year, too.  With our husbands.  :)  Bring it on!


2 days to go

We leave for Duluth the day after next which means only 2 more days of "summer" as we know it.  We had such a good time this year.  I am so thankful.    We have lots to do to get ready for vacation and these next couple of days are going to go by fast, I'm sure.  Then we'll come home, help my mom move in, and school will start.  crazy.  Exciting! 

I'm looking forward to walking the kids to school again this year, quiet (er) morning coffee (Nicky talks a LOT, you guys), working (!!), afternoon naps (Nicky), and a lot of other fall favorites that I haven't really allowed into my head yet.  It's all so good in different ways, isn't it??  Life, I mean.

xoxo, life.

One of my summer loves that I hope carries over to fall is riding my bike.  This has snuck up on me over the last month...I love riding my bike!  I like to go for longer rides about 3 mornings a week and then do shorter ones with the kids whenever the mood strikes.  Often times I will take the scenic route to the grocery store, get provisions for the day, and take a different, hilly route home.  I love it!  One day I took Nicky with and he kept asking me to go "beast mode."  haha!  I'm not sure I have a beast mode.  :)

Here are a few pictures from this morning:

On Tuesday morning I saw two cranes, one pure white and one gray, and was hoping to see them again today.  No such luck but it was still so pretty.  Also, a tree branch cracked and fell off right as I was riding by.  I almost pooped myself/fell over.  :) 

I need to post my Dirty Girl pictures and will be back to do that later.  We had SO much fun this year and are already signed up for next year.  :)


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the photos from the weekend

Here is Nicky in the barn last week. Those goats were so sweet.

He wanted me to take his picture where I had taken Ruby's:
A little while, at James' swimming lessons.  Yes, he got a Rocky Road cone at 10am.  :)
James was being tested this day.  He passed to Level 4!!  He had an awesome summer of swimming!

The next day was Nicky's first dental appointment.  He did so good.  It was so cute.  My little Nickers.

Friday night we went down to the picnic with my sister to play and watch the fireworks.  (the fireworks that went on for days.  Jacob just wanted someone to stop them!  :)  )
Jacob and Nicky:

Eli, chug a lug:
James and his friends on Saturday morning:
Kickball pitching:
Later on he did an NFL pass/kick/punt contest:

And then it was more bouncing!
This was a bungee competition thing.  It was fun to watch...looked so hard!

Ruby, just chilling on the carny stool:
sweaty Nicky:

I caught Nicky eating that popcorn on the grass and had just shooed him away.  He was checking to see if he could go in yet.
Today Ruby goes to the dentist.  (James went last week with Nicky)  Other than that we have no plans!  Lovely.  I have on a long skirt my sister made me buy at the dig last week (oh yeah...we did that one day!) and Nicky hated it at first.  It is so unlike anything I ever wear.  :)  He said, "Take that thing off, mama!" quite a few times.  But then I twirled and he relented.



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