Wednesday, November 13, 2013

so much

Hi, you guys!  I've been missing this place but last week had some major poopy stuff and I had to deal with it. 

I got a speeding ticket.  boo.  (don't talk to me about this in front of my kids, please, I'm not telling them.) 

The next day, a deer hit our van.  I was going slowly, due to seeing lots of dead deer earlier, and was by myself.  I wasn't hurt at all but our van was deemed a total loss.  :(  It is still drivable, though, but it's all banged up and it's not really worth it to fix it.  We got the insurance $$ and I am hopefully going to drive this one through the winter, as it is.  :/  I just hate buying something new (used but new to me) right before the worst driving season, you know? 

So, kind of a bummer of a week.  I tried to work extra to pay for my ticket and it seems to be paying off this week, so that's good. 

Other good stuff:  The allergist thinks James would pass an egg challenge meaning they think he is very close to having outgrown his egg allergy!  We still have to do it, mind you, but the skin test looked good.  He patted me on the back for feeding him so much baked egg in the last year.  :)  For the challenge, he would eat french toast.  James is up for it so we just need to schedule it.  It takes four hours.  ugh.  :)  (but so worth it!!)

Also, we are returning our new dishwasher because it sucks.  It's a Bosch Ascenta, just so you know what to avoid if you're looking. 

I need to go make some coffee now and take a few pics.  Be back sooner rather than later.  xoxo

Monday, November 04, 2013

the wedding, halloween & SO MUCH MORE

I wore the green dress with the booties.  My sister was ALL ABOUT the booties and my mom even jumped on-board the bootie bandwagon.  :)  I felt very cute and comfortable aside from the poop baby I was carrying around.  :(  OH MY GOSH, my stomach was huge and uncomfortable.  Luckily the dress helped camouflage that and no one asked me when I was due.  (turns out the due date was the next morning...)  (SICK!)

Anyways!  I really enjoyed talking with a few different people and Patrick and I enjoyed our time away and a couple of slow dances. 

That morning before the wedding we had a very nice brunch to celebrate my mom's birthday.  Looking back, all those waffles probably didn't help my situation any, if you know what I mean.

Patrick is working on this huge project for his brother that I cannot even begin to explain but it involves a Kinect and ghosts and a tesla coil and OMgosh, really??  He loves that kind of thing, though, (not the ghost part but the other stuff) so he is happy to have a challenge in front of him.  He wanted to bail out on church, though, so I got kind of crabby about that.  I got over it (church helped) and we had a pretty nice day together. 

We are giving the kids an electronic detox this week and Nicky is really making a play for the iPad right now.  Poor kid.  Here, Nicky, these are crayons...let me show you how they work...

Halloween!  Halloween was fun but I was so glad when it was over.  What a long, high-energy day.  I did not want to carve pumpkins this year (grinch!) but my kids really did so we did 3 of them and I actually enjoyed myself.  We also roasted the seeds and they actually turned out.  huh.  (we did that stuff the night before.  I didn't take one picture of our pumpkins or my kids dressed up.  BAD MAMA.  Well, Nicky didn't dress up but the other two did.  I did, too!   My sister and I were witches.  (shut up!)  ;)

I did take a picture of their Halloween breakfast:

Also, here is the stuff I painted for Ruby's room:

 Her halloween decorations:  skeleton drawing, bat & spider cut outs:
 Oh, and I'm not sure if I ever showed these.  We basically painted her room my dad's favorite color.  After he saw that he sent Rubes some framed (and signed) pictures of two of his cute...

I just told Nicky, "I'm almost done and we'll find something to do."  He said, "sometin yike pay the iPad???"

It might be a long day.



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