christmas 2013

Remember last Christmas? Yeah, me neither.  :)

Here are some pics from ours. 

James has the perfect size thumb for jam thumbprints:
Always a favorite:
Ruby's wrapped packages:

James wrapping: 
*I want to add that this was the first year that my kids bought gifts for others with their own money.  It was their idea, they picked them out and wrapped them.  It was pretty sweet. 

James making me coffee:  (we have since replaced the microwave...yay!)
Christmas Eve eve:
Our hotel tree:

At Grandpa's house:
Ruby lost both of her front teeth in December:
James and I:


So how are you today?  My kids have today off of school so we are having a lazy-ish morning and will go out later for some paint. 

We are doing a bit of an update on our kitchen and while it seemed daunting at first (Patrick kind of sprung it on me and even though we had discussed it, I was like, "today?!), I am into it now.  My mom and my sister and my brother in law have all given me (us) good advice and I feel quite happy now that I am trusting my GUT.  :)  I am finally getting the white cabinets I've wanted for the last 9 years.  woohoo!!

My kids are negotiating playdates so it's time to wrap this up.



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