green tea and storage totes

What up, 2014!! 


I'm not really that excited this morning, are you?  I shudder at the thought.

I just fixed a cup of coffee (with too much sugar and that must be a LOT for me to say that) and my kids are all watching Wild Kratts.  It feels just like the old days!  School is closed today due to cold weather so we lucked out with a three day weekend.  I fell in love with slow mornings over Christmas break so that was sad for me last week.  I missed them.  While I don't miss my children staying up until 10:00, I do miss them sleeping in until 8:00.  :)

So anyways.  How is your new year starting off?  So far so good over here.  I ate my way through December (jam thumbprints & cut outs, I'm looking at you) and while it was quite enjoyable, the aftermath is not so much.  I did a walking workout the other day and certain parts of me were much jigglier than usual.  I am SO out of shape.  Aside from some walking, I haven't had any good exercise since September. 

Okay, I just went back to January of 2013 (sob, Paris!) and found this passage I wrote on January 9th:

"In other news, I'm exercising again!  The Christmas cookie pudge needs to go and even if the scale has (mostly) stayed the same, the body is definitely not the same.  I've been feeling woefully out of shape and mucky and am happy to be moving again.  It feels so familiar to me, it feels like such a hug to myself.  I know that sounds stupid but I've really missed regular exercise and have been missing it since SEPTEMBER."

Haha, I am so predictable.  I think I should count on not exercising much Oct, Nov & Dec unless I do something drastic.  This year I saw a couple pledges on instagram to exercise all the days from Thanksgiving to Christmas and thought about joining one of them.  I want to next year.  I'm going to write that on my calendar to remind myself.  Because I am old.

As it is January, I started some new things.  Not so much resolutions for the year but more like goals for the month.  Nothing very exciting, just some things I like to have in my life that had fallen to the side during the hectic holiday season.  I found this chart on lifehacker that I really liked:

I can't find the original link right now but it's based on this idea.  The guy that made the chart above just wanted one chart for 4 goals.  I chose my four goals and do enjoy making my Xs everyday.  I don't want to break the chain!!  I will let you know at the end of the month if it worked or not.

I mentioned to my sister the other day that it must be January as I was drinking green tea and dreaming of new storage totes.  :)  Are you like that?  Any resolutions or goals?

I want to write about our Christmas sometime as it was a good one.  I think my only regret for 2013 is that I didn't take pictures of my mom & dad's cut out cookies.  Lord knows I ate enough of them, but I'd really like some pictures.  I should write that down for next year, too.  :)  They both make delicious cut outs, that taste the same, and they are my weakness!!  Cookies are my love language, I think.  My grandma used to make these phenomenal cookie trays every year and when I was older, and she knew how much I loved them, she would make me my own special tray to take home with me.  I would LOVE to have a photo of those cookies.  I will have to ask around. 

Happy New Year to you all!! 



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