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Patrick took every photo off of my computer last night.  EVERY ONE.  I logged into Picasa and all I found was this:

No photos found!!

How bizarre.  It was long overdue but that doesn't make it any easier.  I feel almost naked.  They are all safe on our own cloud now and that couldn't make me any happier.  But still!  


I guess I will have to take some more.  (and organize them neatly!! and not have folders inside of folders inside of folders!  (oh, he hated that!))  heehee

How are you?  I hope all is well on this 13th of January.

I have to say, I love January now.  It is still winter but it's got a purpose, you know?  It's all fresh starts and bare walls and new ideas.  I also loved the extra days we had off for freezing weather last week.  For some reason a whole day where I don't have to do anything or go anywhere (unless I want to) feels very encouraging to me.  I did so much organizing and it felt sooooo good.  (but also jumped at the chance to go to Wendy's when she called and invited us.)  :)  Patrick and I got a lot done over the weekend, too, and I was so proud of him.  We made a master list of things to do and got a whole bunch crossed off.  (Lord, please let this happen again.  (and again.) Amen.)

Before I forget!  Some of my favorite things Nicky says right now:  hanks (thanks, also he says his thank yous with real meaning.  this kid is really thankful I poured him that bowl of cereal.), sumpin (something "Mom, I got to tell you sumpin.) and yast day (last day meaning yesterday)  I only have a few months left of three and I have to say I am a little sad.  Three is pretty awesome.  Will he still want to start and end every day with a good cuddle when he is four???  sigh.

My goal chart is going well but I am a little sick of it.  But I am not stopping so it is DOING ITS JOB.  I will show you at the end of the month soon.  All of those Xs are so pretty.

I should do a little recap of Christmas.  We went to Duluth for the holidays, left Christmas Eve morning.  We stayed at the hotel and celebrated on Christmas day at my Dad's house and then my brother & Erin's house.  My Dad has mountains of snow and it was beautiful and fun to play in.  (although I got stuck in snow up to my waist and for a minute I worried Dad would have to pull me out with his Bobcat.  awkward.  thankfully, I heaved myself out.)  The day after Christmas all of our cousins (well, 3 of the best of them ;) ) came to Duluth with their kids and my aunt and all stayed at the hotel for a night, too.  It was so much fun to see them and all their kids and I love them so much.  We also saw our family on Patrick's side and had delicious pizza.  I read an absorbing book (The Goldfinch, although I didn't like the last 5 pages or so) and ate a shit ton of cookies.  The end.  :)  We travelled home the Saturday after Christmas and Patrick got very sick.  I watched a lot of Downton Abbey and ate the best licorice ever.  My sister and I took our kids to an open gym on New Years Eve and later we went to my friend Carolyn's for a small party.  The big kids were thrilled to stay up so late with their friends.  (Nick stayed home with a recovering but not 100% Patrick.)

It was a really fun season but super hectic.  I felt like it snuck up on me and I didn't much like that.  As a personal note to self:  get back to being organized again next year.  Also, don't be afraid to cut stuff.  I made lots of cookies but didn't do an annual book.  I bought Advent calendars.  We didn't do many crafts but those gingerbread kits will keep until next year.  Next year I want to do a family Advent devotional every day with the kids.  That was the main thing I felt bad about failing on this year.  (we started but quit after a week) (okay, and maybe I feel a little bad about the book.)

I know this will make me sound old but I am big on writing things on my calendar now to remind myself what I learned.  Like in Oct & Nov 2014, I am writing, "Stephanie!  Exercise.  Just a little.  It makes a big difference!"  In December I am writing, "Advent devotional! Jam Thumbprints!  Enjoy."  Otherwise I will forget the lessons of this year.  Guaranteed.

I think I have gone on long enough with no photos.  

Also, I am hungry.


p.s.  I am not sure I recorded this when I wrote all about Paris but every time I would get somewhere famous I would think to myself, "Eiffel Tower, bitchezzzzz!" or "Arc de Triomphe, bitchezzzzz!"  It cracked me up but I couldn't stop.  Who are these bitchezzzzz I was referring to?  I have no idea.  hahahaha.  so funny.

sob.  Paris.



  1. CRACKING UP imagining you using the phrase bitchezzzzz! Too funny :)

  2. I popped in to say I loved thinking of you traipsing all over Paris saying bitchezzzz to yourself. Hee her…sassy Stephanie!

  3. Late to the party here, but I agree. The image of you walking around saying that to yourself all over Paris is awesome!!!!


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