JC Penney, bitchezzzzzz!

How are you today? Today I am thankful. I felt so awful for a lot of yesterday and feel sooooo much better this morning. I had aches and chills and a sore throat but it seems mostly gone today. My sister felt like crap, too, so I am hoping when I talk to her later she is on the mend as well. So, today is a good day! It looks like I will get out of the house!! (shhhhhhh. I shouldn't say that out loud yet.)  Patrick also got sick but he just got up and he seems to be a little better today, too.  (Not to be selfish but I hope he is even better on Saturday so he can finish our cabinets!!!!!  So excited to see them all done!!!!)

Well, my chart ended yesterday!  I did it!  These last 2 days (I started feeling sickly on Tuesday) were pretty touch and go on the exercising but I felt well enough to do it both days.  I have had at least 8 glasses of water, read a devotional/my bible, exercised, and flossed my teeth every day for the last 4 weeks.  Woohoo!  I am starting a new chart on Feb. 1st, this time with 8 daily goals, and am looking forward to it.  I am also looking forward to these next couple of days when I am not going to even brush my teeth, glance at my bible, or drink not a drop of water.  Oh, and I will eat 2 cakes while not moving from the couch.  ;)


I didn't weigh myself when I started this but I have been also sticking within my recommended calories from SparkPeople (aside from a cheat day each week...one was pretty major...brownies & wine...the other 2 were minor).  And I have lost 2.5 lbs since my first weigh in, 3 weeks ago.  yay!  Just kidding.  2.5 lbs???  There were days I was down as much as 4 but today it was just 2.5 so I thought I would share that.  I know I am building tons of muscle, though, so it's okay.  Again, just kidding.  :)  I have to say I am feeling a bit more toned and it's probably due to the body weight-bearing exercises I've done this month.  Of course I would have liked to tell you I lost 8lbs but that just didn't happen.  I do feel really good, though.  I did these daily workouts quite a few times and have done this one now and let me tell you, it ain't easy!  I am also interested in the 100 Squats a Day but doing squats with the proper form (where your bum drops down below your knee) is not easy, either.  I would be lucky to do 30, I think.  I might try today.

A funny thing:  We had dinner at Annie & Ronan's last weekend (brownies & wine) and Andrea took all of our blood pressures and we were amazed at what a healthy bunch we were.  Then we started wondering if the 3 bottles of wine had anything to do with that.  :)  hahahahha.

Some random pictures from my phone now, okay?  Okay.

Here is James and his buddy biding their time with K'Nex until I would let them play Minecraft again.  :)

Ruby during an unplanned nap one afternoon.  She does love to be cozy:
Annie & Ronan came to our house for dinner a couple of weeks ago and we ended the night with Patrick pushing our littlest boys across the kitchen floor.  They loved it:
My makeshift cabinets.  I love this little shelf.
This was a big accomplishment for Nick last week:
Last January I was taking selfies at the Musee d' Orsay.  This January?  In the bathroom at JC Penneys waiting for Nicky to finish pooping.  :)


  1. I was just thinking about your Target poop post the other day. Target, bitchezzzzzzzzz!!!

  2. I am glad to see you were prepared for the wiping in your selfie ;) Miss you!!

  3. Well at least you look super cute in the JCPenney bathroom. Laughed through most of this post so thanks for that. So jealous that my mom gets to cone see you guys. She's taking the bus and it reminded me of my greyhound trip to Madison and all the friends I made on that bus. Hee her


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