the chart, itchy eyes & no cable

I have to tell you.  I was bitter about flossing last night but I did it.  I had to...look how far I've come!  Also, if it wasn't for this chart I surely wouldn't have exercised (or really done ANY of these things) all these days in a row.  Also, I am sick of freaking drinking water but look at all those pretty Xs...just look at them.  sigh.  I hate this freaking chart but I am also thankful for it.  :)  I set the bar low for exercise for this first month getting back to it.  15 minutes a day, that's it.  Plenty of days I do more but on those days that I just can't...I can always find 15 minutes.  Also, anything goes.  Shoveling, walking, ice chipping, kettlebell...whatever.  I am already thinking about next month as much as I hate to admit that.  But I don't want to quit any of this stuff so do I add more??  I know I need to have an ebay goal in place and soon.  I am slowly getting back into it but slower than I'd like to be, honestly.

How are you today?  I am sitting here trying not to scratch my eyes out.  They are so itchy for some reason!!  Probably this dusty crap I've been listing on ebay.  (hahhahahaha...just kidding!  I only sell the best!  (seriously.))  Nicky is at Sarah's and I am taking a break from work.  I might exercise now, come to think of it. 

We are having a small Valentine's Day get together and I'm kind of excited.  Just a few couples and their kids but it should be fun.  We have never had more than one family at a time here (aside from our own family members) so it is out of my comfort zone (and house size?) but I am googling small house party tips and hoping for the best.  My mom agreed to make us a valentine's version of her cut out cookies so how bad can it be?  :)

We are surviving without cable but I cannot say we do not miss it.  We do.  Some days more than others.  It is only a phone call away and that knowledge helps.  :)  It's mostly on the weekends that we feel the absence.  We liked having the Food Network on sometimes or was just nice.  I had a weak moment before Christmas and found myself googling how to break into cable boxes.  HAHAHAHA!!  I really was!  But I would never.  It is only $40 a month to turn it back on (without DVRs).  That is not out of our range but we are just trying not to now.  I do like that the kids watch it a lot less.  You have to work a little harder to find something you like (on Netflix or Amazon) so that is a deterrent sometimes, I think.  Ruby loves to watch animal movies so she will turn those on first thing Saturday mornings.  (like Air Buddy)  Nicky took it upon himself to learn how to operate the DVD player yesterday.  haha.  Necessity is the mother of invention, I guess. 

I better get my butt moving.  I am hoping it is PMS that is causing my body to not lose any weight this week.  So annoying! 



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