v-o-u-c-h // c-r-e-e-p-y

James represented his class in the 4-6 grade spelling bee yesterday and was the last 4th grader to get eliminated!  He made it down to the last 11 kids (starting with 30).  We were so proud of him and it was really fun to watch.  What made me the proudest?  That the first thing he said after walking off the stage was how fun it was.  :)  I love when he tries new things as he isn't always willing to do so.  The word he missed was vouch.  haha.  He correctly spelled it for me right afterwards but said he thought they had said "vought."  ??  Which is not even a word.  :)  Love him.

Patrick put up the last piece of crown molding on our cabinets last night and they look sooooo nice.  He thinks he'll finish painting them this weekend.  We actually are missing one cabinet, it's on order, so we will have to wait for that to come in to be totally finished but that's okay.  I love it all and think our kitchen is going to look soooo nice.  What a big difference a little $$ and some hard work can make.  Of course, doing one thing makes you want to do everything else so I am trying to hold my horses and "add it to the list."  We are actually getting a lot crossed off of our list but it does keep growing.  ;) 

I have one week left on my 4 week calendar and am definitely doing another one next month, with some additions.  I will start my new month on Feb 1st, though, so I have a couple days off.  So, NO FLOSSING FOR TWO DAYS!!  woohoo!  PARTY! 

That sounds so gross, doesn't it?  To celebrate not taking care of your teeth??

I am so creepy sometimes.



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