a few pictures and FRIDAY

Good morning, dear ones. It is windier than heck here but my children are happily at SCHOOL! Yay, School! I am excited for summer, too, but I plan on enjoying these last few months of SCHOOL!

Last year sometime I got this little aqua shelf that I loved. 

 Once we painted the wall gray, however, I quickly fell out of love.  So I painted it white.  ULTRA PURE WHITE if you're wondering.  The same (non) color that we are painting everything from now on forever. amen.
For V. Day it was a little bar area! 

Here is their special breakfast of love.  You can almost feel the love radiating from the room.
Or is that the blinking hot pink hearts??  :)

Also, little Martinelli bottles of flowers for my guests.  I love those little bottles and was glad I hung onto them.  (how often does one say that???)  I think they switched to plastic now.  TRAGEDY.

Well, I better get to work.  This basement full of shit isn't going to sell itself.



  1. I love that shelf! Wish I could find something like that. I would be too lazy to paint it though


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