not a super uplifting post but are they ever?

I am doing all I can to reign in the crabby today but let me tell you.  It is hard.  I am soooooo irritable.  This morning was tough.  Patrick helped us get through it but my patience was so short.  I hope I am feeling back to normal soon. (pms.  ugh.)

Also, ready for spring.

Also, want to eat all the snacks but not going to.

So, how are you?  :)

I worked yesterday and am home today with Nick. We've already watched one hour of the Bachelor and had a hot wheels race.  I am hoping he'll go down for a nap soon.  HAHAHA. 

I realized something about Ruby yesterday.  She has a few girlfriends that she really likes but I have noticed that she never really seems like herself when she is with them.  She has fun but never seems just like the real Ruby I know like she does with her best buddy next door, Brennan, whom she has grown up with.  Her friend Carson was over yesterday and I was listening to them and realized, "Hey!  She sounds just like herself!"  I think with girls (or the girls she hangs out with from school) she feels like she has to act a certain way already.  :(  How sad is that?  But with her male friends she can just be her slightly crazy self.  I am glad I noticed this and am filing the info away because it seems important in a way I can't quite put into words on this grumpy morning I am having.

time for another hot wheels race.  Dear Lord, help me through this day.  Give me a soft heart and kindness when I feel a lack of both.




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