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I need a reset button.  What a Monday morning!  I yelled at 2/3 of my children before 8:00 am and that stinks.  I won't bore you with the details, it was just one of those mornings.  sigh.  I need to shake this off now because I have a lot to do today including be a good mom to Nicky.  Only 6.5 more months until 4K.  ;)

If I am keeping track, and I should be, I have a lot to be happy about today.  Our cabinets look BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE them.  They are almost all up (aside from 2 new doors we ordered that still need to be sanded/primed/painted) and Patrick put the new drawer pulls on and I just love them.  They are the cabinets I always wanted.  How cool is that??  Very.  It was so much work, though!  Not really hard work, but tiring and a lot of it.  Especially with 3 kids in January/February.  But, it is going to be DONE soon and I never dreamed it would really happen.  Half of the kitchen is painted, too, and we love the new wall color.  Yay! 

On Sesame Street they are showing all these kids on a playground and let me tell you, I cannot WAIT to be at playgrounds again.  What a long winter.  dude.

I am finding my new monthly goals to be annoying and tedious (note the bad attitude) but I am doing them.  I also thought about it last night and realized there are many days that I totally would NOT be doing this stuff if not for my chart so I am thankful for it.  I want to get into the habit of listing on ebay daily because I want to work to some capacity all through the summer.  I hope by starting now that it will be ingrained in me by then.  I wonder when I will lose interest in these charts??  If you've been around here for a while you might have noticed that things fall in and out of favor with me pretty regularly.  :)  I hope that even if I quit them at some point that I will take back up with them as they are pretty effective for me.  Has anyone else tried one?

Last month I heard about this calorie calculator which told me I should be eating about 100-200 calories more per day than the high end of the range that sparkpeople gave me.  (which is 1200-1550 calories a day)  I decided I would try that this month, eat more every day, but that the calories would come from the 5 fruits and veggies that I made a part of my monthly goals.  So, I'm not eating 4 more oreos a day, I'm eating an apple/banana/carrots/pea pods/spinach instead.  It's been 10 days and I really like it.  Before I would try to stay around 1400 calories most days and I divided it up as 900 calories before 5pm and 500 calories after.  The 500 calories in the evening seemed about perfect for dinner and a small treat at bedtime but the 900 daytime calories seemed really hard.  Now I have 1150 during the day (I am shooting for 1650/day) and it is soooooo much better.  And fruit and veggies are really filling!  huh.  who knew?  :)  Many days I am having a hard time eating them all.  Not by much but I do have to think about a healthy snack that I can have to get another 100 or so in.  (see also: mind games with self...tell me I can only have so much and I want more.  tell me I can have more and I am fine with less.  wth???  ;)  )

That was a long winded way of saying that I am eating more (healthy foods) and I am losing weight at about the same rate, maybe a little more.  That same site had another article about the average rate of weight loss, which is not 2lbs a week like we hear all the time, but actually .05-.1% of your body weight per week, which is exactly the range I fall into.  That made me feel better, too.  I like that site.  It tells me happy things.  :)

I hate to say it but I feel better now.  I need to make a list because I have a LOT to do.  I know it won't all get done but hopefully some of it will.  Thanks for reading all of this, if you did. 

I hope your Monday started out better than mine did.  If not, think about some of the good things in your will probably help.



  1. I am glad to hear you are eating a few more calories, that was a very low amount! Your metabolism can really slow down if you aren't eating enough, too.


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