Good morning, dear ones.  I want to start out by thanking you guys for some of your recent comments.  :)  I never know how to reply so you will see it so I should figure that out some time.  Michelle shared her line, "The choices you've made." and I love it!  I need to remember it now to use it.  Also, Sybil, thanks for the calorie intake encouragement.  I always just trusted sparkpeople because so many people use it and I guess I should have questioned it more.  Who wants their metabolism to slow down???  Not me.  :)  Also, Sarah, you are always so sweet to me and I love you.  Also, I wore jeans yesterday that I know you would have liked.  wink, wink.

:)  hahahahhaa.

So last night I was up until TWO AM.  Can you believe it?  I hardly can.  Patrick and I FINISHED the painting of the kitchen.  Holy cats, that was a lot of work.  By tomorrow, when everything will be put back together, it will have been 27 days since we started.  Want to see??

before, a little bit in progress:

 after, not quite finished but close enough to show you:

woohoo!!  We love it!  I think it looks SO much better with our new appliances and I don't even hate our countertop with it.  (we still want a new one but it's not a priority.)  I am so happy.  Patrick really likes it, too.  I like that we did it together without fighting.  :)  It looks much prettier in natural light so maybe next week I will take a few more pictures to show it off.

Today I am supposed to be working but since I was up until TWO AM, who knows what will happen.  :)  I have a ton of stuff to do around here plus make two lemon loafs (starbucks copycat recipe) for tomorrow night.  I am thankful for this quiet day to get stuff done.  My mom took Nicky yesterday, too, which was wonderful. 

A few things to share from this past week:

Two nights ago, Patrick brought this home:

 It is an assortment of pies from Hubbard Ave. Diner and they have GOOD pie.  I had one half slice of Tiramisu and it was delicious.  The kids went nuts, obviously.  :)
Last week, Annie, Ronan, Patrick and I went to a beer tasting dinner in New Glarus.  The beer was a cherry one, Wisconsin Belgian Red from the makers of SPOTTED COW, and was just okay.  It was weird, honestly, but I didn't hate it.  The whole night was fun and this cheese they started us with was all so yummy.
 My auntie Lee was in town last week and one day she took us out to lunch at a cute little cafe in Paoli.  (Sarah, you would love it here.  We must go.)  It was so fun and Nicky was good for the whole two hours.  Who knew??  :)
 I read this book this week and LOVED it.  I don't have time to talk about all the memories/emotions this book brought up for me.  It's not like it's my story or anything but SO much of it rings SO true.  Loved it.
 And, on a final note, I sold this old (1910s 1920s?) full length apron yesterday to a man in South Africa for $99.00.  Yay!!  I love this apron, it reminded me so much of Mrs. Patmore from Downton Abbey.  I totally wore it around the house one day.  :)  So happy it sold, though.  (the color is off in this photo but it showed the whole apron.)
Now I must go eat.  Hungry.



  1. The kitchen looks GREAT!
    I'm having my own beer tasting tonight with cheese and crackers :-)
    Wish you were here.
    Happy Valentines day to all!

  2. I love the cabinets! Thanks for the love shout out. I'd love to dine in Paoli with you. In fact I'd dine in a box with a fox if you were there. Looking for a kindle book on vacation and I think I'll try that one. Xoxo, Cousintine. You rock eBay like a BOSS.


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