everything is awesome. it is.

My gosh.  I am sorry I left that crabby post up for over a week.  :)  I had PMS SO BAD last week.  It lasted a couple of days and I was cranky about everything.  Thankfully it passed and I'm back to normal.  whew. 

Sadly, I can't get past my weight road block.  I think I might stop weighing myself every day (I weigh once, in the morning) and try once a week.  My friend also suggested that I try a totally different exercise routine so I am thinking about that.  I will not lie, I am discouraged right now and a little sad, too.  I would appreciate any tips or experience you've had with a big plateau. :(

I don't have a goal chart for March and missed some days in February.  I am still doing almost everything almost every day, though.  I found I love taking the time to wash & moisturize my face.  Also, can't go more than a day without flossing now.  Drinking water is easy to mess up on if I don't pay attention.  I am on an Ebay roll so listing 2 a day has been good for me.  I am trying to do 4 most days now.  I read a devotional every morning.  My day just doesn't feel right if I don't.  What else?  Oh yeah.  Exercise.  Right now I am pissed at exercise but I am still doing it most days.  I am also tracking my food almost every day.  I did lose 4.5 more pounds last month so my total lost since Jan.2 is 7.  Just what I had gained.  Not a bit more.  (what the HELLLLLLLLL?)

The good thing about that loss in February is that I was eating more calories and still lost weight.  One thing I hear about for getting past a plateau is to UP your calories for a few days and then go back down.  I kind of naturally did that last week but it didn't work.  I didn't go overboard, though, so maybe I should.  :)  Sounds kind of nice.  I've got nothing to lose.  Obviously.  ha. 

I want to write more about my kids soon and post more pictures of them.  I miss doing that. 

So, thanks for checking in on me.  :)  I hope all is well with you, faithful reader.

(was it Stephen King that said that?)

Oh, speaking of books.  The Girl You Left Behind is REALLY, REALLY good.  Loved it.

Also, The Lego Movie was so fun and we also saw Monuments Men.  Loved that, too.




  1. To be honest, I know so little about weight loss. I think it can be a tremendously individual thing! Some local bloggers who I know in real life have been getting great results from following the plan from The New Metabolic Effect Diet. I am reading it, super curious, maybe you would like it? See if the library has it?

  2. We liked monument men too but just saw Non Stop and it was really good. I like Liam Neeson a lot.
    Beautiful here today, about 50. Saw uncle Floyd and a couple of his daughters yesterday, had a good time.
    I'm making some Outback Steakhouse bread now. Hope it turns out.

  3. Glad to here all is well again on Sugar Ave....where the women are strong, the men are good looking and the children are above average..

  4. I'm a strict once a week weigh-er. It helped tremendously!


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