fine motor skills, ftw

Nicky had his 4K evaluation last week and they said they had mild concerns with his speech & fine motor skills. Speech, I kind of figured. (he yoves me a yot) Fine motor skills didn't really surprise me, either. He does play with little things a lot (yot) like (yike) legos (yeg...okay, I'll stop.) but he NEVER wants to do anything involving holding a crayon, marker, or paintbrush.  They didn't tell me to do anything, just that they'd be looking at this again next fall.  But of course I'm going to try and help him now!!  :)  Not so much with speech (not a specialist) but a little fine motor skills wouldn't kill me.

On Monday he said he didn't want to color or paint but he would if he could squeeze glue while he did it.  the hell?  But, SURE KID.  Go for it.

As this was one of his first art sessions, I had to take a lot of pictures.  (also, it might be his last.)  (also, out of glue.)
After art he was happy to practice some more by squeezing melted chocolate. 
We made some coconut macaroons using this recipe (only with just 3 egg whites) and they were easy and very good.  We turned half into thumbprints with my chia seed jam.  YUM.
I unconsciously chose the cookies I drizzled for this last photo.  I wonder what that says about me??
The elliptical was still in the garage yesterday when J&R got home.  Naturally, they had to try it.  It's downstairs now and James just finished using it.  He burned 19 calories.  :)

I worked today and I am pooped.  Patrick has been working lots of extra hours just lately and probably won't be home until late again tonight.  :(  The system he is working on ships to India tomorrow and I am SO glad.  Things will go back to normal for a while and that will be so nice.

On Saturday my mom, sister and I are going to Chicago for a shopping day.




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