happy weekend!

Good morning, dear ones.  How's it going?  I can't believe it's Friday already.  Where did the week go???

I was up one pound on my weigh in today.  gah!  :)  I am actually okay with it because I am still down from my dreaded plateau number.  For a whole week!  That is a record.  :)  Fluctuations are normal so I'm not sweating this.  (also, ovulating.)  (sorry, dad.) 

In other weight related news, Ruby found the "before" pictures on my tablet.  Talk about humiliation!!  Oh, how she laughed!  The fully clothed ones aren't too bad but one where I show my stomach in too tight shorts...awful!!!  I think this is payback for all the times I pretended to vomit when I would see my mom in her underwear.  :)

Tomorrow is our big shopping adventure and I can't wait!  A day to answer to know one but myself and my debit card.  :)  I am picking my mom and sister up at 6am and we are heading out onto the open road.  Sigh.  Sounds perfect.

One thing I hope we come across is a Teavana.  We have one at the mall here now but the day I was in there felt too high pressure and I got kind of irritated.  The tea they had me taste was delicious, though, and I haven't been able to get Marshmallow Macaron out of my head.  I need to find some of that and SOON.

When we painted our kitchen we ordered a new cabinet for a spot we had previously had shelves.  Now we keep cereal in the top part and the bottom shelf is for coffee and tea.  I love it!  It is my happy cabinet.

The ones in front are all my current faves.  Sleepytime is, too, but we just ran out.  I would also like to place an order with David's Tea.  Soooooon.  Hey!  I just saw they have some stores in Chicago!  Hmmmmmmm.

I know this post is a snooze.  I'm sorry.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend with amazing weather!  :)  (we can dream, right??)



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