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Good morning!  It's Monday!  Time to clean dirty houses, wash piles of laundry and stock empty cupboards all while listening to a nearly 4 year old tell you his every thought, plan and desire in between begging for more time on the iPad!  (if you're me, that is.)  :)

How are you?  I am good.  Everything I mentioned above is true.  Our house is trashed and we are low on foodstuffs and Nick is already showing signs of extreme chattiness today.  It's going to be a busy day but hopefully a good one.  It's cold (sigh) but sunny so there is that.  When we can finally have the windows open on a daily basis, that will be such a GOOD day.

How was your weekend?  Mine was good.  Saturday was a lot of fun and it was nice to be reminded that ikea/Chicago is not that far away.  I wasn't planning on any major purchases but I got Nick a new mattress and Ruby a loft bed.  Yay!

Ruby wants a pet more than anything but I am allergic to cats and dogs, her top two picks.  We were considering a rat or mice but two friends filled me in on their life with guinea pigs a couple of weeks ago and they've been on our radar ever since.  We knew Ruby would want them in her room and there just. wasn't. room.  Patrick said he would build her a loft bed but when I saw one on Saturday for a good price, I snatched it up.  (well, slowly, with my sister's was heavy!)  We spent the morning yesterday cleaning rooms and moving beds (Nick has her twin now) and Patrick put the new one together.

I took this early this morning so it's super grainy but you get the idea.  She loves it and I do, too.  I kind of want to loft everything in our house.  :)  Do they make king size lofts?  We could crawl up there at night, pull up the ladder and they couldn't get to us!!  :)  hahahhaa.

Anyways, it was a fun day that resulted in a super messy house.  We barely made it to afternoon church and then had dinner at Old Chicago.  James was bummed because his burger was icky.  I tasted it and the kid was flavor at all.  I like that he has a somewhat discerning palette.  It's very different than Ruby, who is just "picky."   (bless her heart.)

I also have some ebay sales to package up so I should get to it.  I hope you have a happy Monday! 



  1. ha I did the same thing a few days ago with the bed situation. My second oldest got a queen size bed and box spring from a friend, so we gave his full to #3 and then we gave my youngest the twin size bed and sold his toddler bed. I was hoping that if youngest would have a "big" boy bed he would stop sleeping with me. Nope, that didnt work at all

    I love the loft bed


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