oh my goodness, I have a lot to say

I am not sure I will get through it all before Nick wakes up!  You poor, poor things.  :)

Happy Monday!  ha.  Actually, I am happy it's Monday but Monday mornings can be a drag.  A lot of mornings can be a drag here lately.  My kids have been grumpy and complaining and just generally frustrating in the morning these days.  I am trying to give them a bit of grace because I am feeling the same way.  :/

I wasn't here much last week because the times when I could have sat down to blog, I was grumpy.  I hate complaining too much and like to do it best when I've thought it through...not just come and unload a big whine fest.  (you're welcome.)  :)  It's basically that I am so over cold weather.  I tear up a little thinking about it.  It's been a long winter, not a bad one, but a long one.  I am so ready for warm days and being outdoors without a hat & mittens.  Thankfully, sigh, we are getting a couple days like that a week now but it's not really enough.  (whiner alert!)  I am trying all of my tricks to get through this with a good spirit...still getting outside, exercising, planning fun things, planning summer fun things.

That being said, it hasn't been all grump all the time.  I had a good week in a lot of ways.  I found an elliptical machine for $40 and it works!  I used it on Saturday and burned 300 calories in 30 minutes.  It is hard but I am really happy to have another option.  I also looked into joining the local gym and we want to go look at it.  They will suspend our membership for the summer months if we join now (because we probably wouldn't use it much then) but we might just wait until fall to join.  Honestly, finding the elliptical took some of the urge away...I was just really wanting something different and that thing helps for now.  (soon I will be jogging or riding my bike out there...sooooooon....)

side note:  I have also had a mild but annoying cold for the last week.  It just adds to the pity party atmosphere.  ;)   I just thought to add that because I had to jump up for a kleenex.  My nose is that way where all of a sudden it just DRIPS.  tragic.

Another really good thing.  This is REALLY good!  I was 1.8 lbs. down on Friday!!!  Yay!!!  I am the farther away from my plateau number than I have been before.  Not by much but I will take it!  I really wanted to weigh myself this morning but I held back and tried on some shorts instead.  :)  (those SAME yellow shorts I wanted to get into last summer.  maybe this year is it??  I don't even like them anymore.  flipping things.  ha!)  (also, the gray pants in that post are so close to fitting, the pinstriped skirt totally fits now and I got rid of the other pants because the cut just wasn't going to EVER work for me.  so, hey, that is kind of good news!  but those DANG yellow shorts!!!)  So, anyways, that was awesome and I am hoping for and working towards another loss this week.  (after that I am not weighing for TWO weeks because there is really no point during that time of my month.  my sister convinced me of this.  she's right.)

okay, (almost) enough going on and on.  I have to apologize now because if we are on instagram together, then you have seen these.  Sorry!  Still slacking on the camera use unless it's for ebay.

I took Ruby and Nick to the circus a while ago and it was kind of a nightmare with a few highlights.  One of them was Nick watching the stunt motorcycles.  :)  Also, he sat down by Wendy and her girls the whole time.  They are all so sweet to him and he really loves hanging out with them.  

 This is one of my favorite things Patrick and I do on the weekends.  Sit on our love seat with coffee and magazines.  :)  I just love it and look forward to it every week.
 Last week I made these granola bars from the Minimalist Baker.  They were really good even though I totally didn't read the directions first.  So know that they are forgiving.  :)  My kids chowed on them and I loved them, too.  (I cut them small so each bar was 100 calories.)
 I also made some mixed berry chia seed jam.    It didn't get super thick and it is pretty seedy but the seeds are soft so it's okay.  I didn't think my kids would touch it but they have all eaten it without comment.  I am putting it on my overnight oats every morning instead of honey now.  It's really good.  (although not as good as the raspberry jam I made last summer.  Yuuuuuuum, that was good!  can't wait for summer!  have I said that??)
 I got home from my friend's house Saturday night to this scene:

So sweet.  They are good kids.  As I live and breathe, we WILL get through March.




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