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So unless you've seen the Lego movie, you will just think that I was yelling Everything is Awesome!  :)  It is actually the theme song from the movie and it has been in my head ever since.  My kids hate when I sing it.  Which makes me feel old because I remember hating when my mom sung stuff.  So actually everything is not awesome and I am just old.

blink blink

:)  Just kidding.

This morning was rough.  I hope it's just the Daylight Saving time adjustment period and my kids are not really monsters.  At least I didn't yell at them today. 

Yesterday was an amazing day, weather-wise.  Our first 50 degree day in months and it felt soooooo good.  I washed our bedding and hung it on the line!  Nicky and I took a long walk without heavy jackets!  I had windows open!!  Loved it.  Today is like winter again but I know these days are numbered.

One goal I forgot to mention is the 5 fruits and veggies goal.  This is one of my favorites and I am continuing to try and reach this each day.  Yesterday I sauteed spinach & tomatoes to eat with my scrambled eggs.  I had potatoes and green beans with dinner and a banana and oranges in the morning.  It takes a little planning but not as much as I thought.  Also, there are always carrot sticks.  :)  (also, pooping like a BOSS.) 

I took some pictures of myself yesterday.  You know, "before" pictures.  :)  I hope to see subtle changes that the scale might not pick up.  I haven't weighed myself since last Friday.  The first couple of days were hard but it's getting easier and I will weigh in this Friday.  I also admitted that I was feeling sorry for myself and haven't been working out particularly hard.  It's hard to read/see so many people losing weight by just changing their eating habits and not experience that myself.  It's probably because I'm old.  (see above.)  HOWEVER, I tell myself, I do love how exercise makes me feel and know it's good for me so I need to get over that.  Also, whatever I have done has worked to the tune of 26 pounds and that is nothing to sneeze at.  I just want to lose FOUR MORE POUNDS, though.  And then go from there.  But right now, just FOUR.  please.  :)  I also googled plateaus and read quite a few accounts of women being right at the weight I am at and having a hard time getting past it.  Whatever that means, it made me feel less alone and crazy. 

Nick is watching Sesame Street and we are leaving to do errands soon.  I need to get hangers as the kids resale is right around the corner.  Lots of work to do for that!! 

Before I go, have you tried overnight oats?  They are my new favorite food and this is how I make them.  1/3 C. rolled oats, 1/3 C. unsweetened vanilla almond milk (any milk is fine), 1/3 C. plain greek yogurt, 1 T Chia seeds, pinch of salt, bit of vanilla, some cinnamon, a little honey.  Put it all in a jar, put the lid on and shake it up.  These are soft and thickened in about two hours, they don't need to sit all night.  I like to add a T. of sunbutter and some fruit when I eat them.  You can heat them to take the chill off or eat them cold.  They are super good!!!!  YUMMMMMY. 

peace out.



  1. I feel like maybe I already told you this about 10 times, but did I tell you my Ragnar team is named Everything is Awesome?
    26lbs is nothig to sneeze at! Nice job!!!


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