the little things

Good morning.  How the heck are you?  I am pretty good. Patrick is still working a lot so that has been stressful.  I hope things go back to normal soon. 

The big kids have early release today and we are going to visit a pet store or two after they get home.  (eek!  just looking today, though!)  James and Ruby are walking home, together, by themselves.  Oh boy.  James has walked with friends before but not with Ruby.  I am trusting them to be nice to each other and for him not to ditch her.  I will let you know how it goes.  :)  Nick and I are planning on walking in that general direction later so we might, you know, accidentally meet up with them.  :)

Yesterday Nick and I got groceries, went to Home Depot and then over to Olbrich Gardens for some warmth.  This is not my photo:

I wish that place was 4x as big as it is.  It felt so good to be warm and surrounded by lush greenery.  Nicky had a good time going every which way on the paths and it took him about 45 minutes before he realized he was seeing the same stuff for the 4th time.  :)  He has been watching a lot of Wild Kratts lately and is kind of obsessed with Peregrine Falcons so he kept his eyes open for one.  ;)  After that we went for lunch (McDonald's fish fillets, his choice) and then he fell asleep on the way home.  I carried him in, laid him down, and had an hour and a half all to myself.  What a treat!  He never naps on his own at home anymore but will almost always fall asleep in the car.  I should make a point of taking him someplace every day so that helps so much to have a little quiet. 

I am so excited I get to work the next 2 days!  Yay!  :)  I won't have any work days next week (spring break) but hope to get a few listings done every day.  I want to take lots of pictures the next couple days so I am ready.  I ordered some pink & blue poly mailers and I love them!! 

How fun to get a pink or blue package, right?  It's the little things. 

I was working on making the L sound with Nick last night.  It was pretty cute and he made the connection that the way he says it sounds different.  He said he says it wrong and I said not wrong, just different.  I was happy he was trying and could totally make the sound...he just needed to be shown how.  (and shown again by a pro...I was just messing around.)  Little buddy.

Alright, I gots to go.  Hungry!!



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